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From April to November, Holstein Association USA members work hard parading their Registered Holsteins® around the showring. Holstein Association USA is pleased to recognize outstanding breeders and exhibitors with the All-National Showcase Program for the third time.

Launched in 2019, the All-National Showcase Program recognizes U.S. Registered Holstein cows and their owners for outstanding performance at National Holstein Shows. Exhibitors from across the country earned points throughout the show season.

“We are thrilled to continue honoring breeders and exhibitors who have found success in the showring this year with the All-National Showcase Program” says Jodi Hoynoski, Executive Director, Holstein Identification & Member Services. “We would like to extend our sincere congratulations to every All-National Showcase honoree.”

The top 10 animals in each class and full details on the All-National Showcase Program rules and point system can be found at

Congratulations to the following All-National Holsteins!

All-National Breeder

Jonathan & Alicia Lamb, Oakfield, NY

All-National Exhibitor

Jonathan & Alicia Lamb, Oakfield, NY

Summer Heifer Calf

All National: KOZY-KOUNTRY J CHESAPEAKE, Celeste R Clark, PA

Reserve All-National: KA-BRAT TSTORM RAIN REA, Hadley & Hudson Spoonamore & Trey Bratcher, KY

Spring Heifer Calf

All National: OCEAN-VIEW SAY IT AINT SO, Kenlee Philips & Makayla Osinga, TX

Reserve All-National: OAKFIELD DOORMAN KIKI-ET, Matt Hawbaker & Jamie Black, MD

Winter Heifer Calf

All National: RISER-4 WAR CHARIOT, Michael R. Wolf, CT

Reserve All-National: MCWILLIAMS GOLD RUN, Sam R. McWilliams, PA

Fall Heifer Calf

All National: SCHLUTER APPLESPICE-RED-ET, R, S & J Allyn, Daniel Hovden & Duane Gibbs, CT

Reserve All-National: SMITH-OAK UNIX BLONDIE, Colton, Kendall & Blayk Thomas, OH

Summer Yearling Heifer

All National: RIVERDOWN TATOO DIABLO-ET, Kylie L. Nickels, WI

Reserve All-National: LUNCREST DOC LIME-2386-ET, Doeberiener, Bowen & Clarkvalley Holsteins, OH

Spring Yearling Heifer

All National: WINDY-KNOLL-VIEW PESKY, Butler, Doeberiener, Bowen, Conroy & Clark, IL

Reserve All-National: MILIBRO DENVER ROSELAKYME, Colt & Luke Buckley, KY

Winter Yearling Heifer

All National: MS ZEHRVIEW TATTOO CRYSTAL, Glamourview - Iager & Walton, MD

Reserve All-National: MS THUNDERSTORM ETERNITY-ET, La Femme Fatale Syndicate, WI

Fall Yearling Heifer

All National: 2ND-LOOK MASTER BLASTER, Clarkvalley Holsteins & Adam Clarke, ON

Reserve All-National: MAYERLANE BLACK CAT-ET, Ben & Brian Styer, WI

Milking Yearling

All National: ARETHUSA DOORMAN AVRIL-TW, Caroline Egolf & Ellianna Cummings, IN

Reserve All-National: MABEL HANDSOME ALLELUIA, Jim Butler, IL

Summer Junior Two-Year-Old Cow

All National: KIKO DISCJOCKEY LAYLA 1830, Ferme Jacobs Inc & Crackholm Holsteins, QC

Reserve All-National: MS T-TRIPLE-T TL FAME-RED, Oakfield Corners Dairy Show Cattle, NY

Junior Two-Year-Old Cow


Reserve All-National: RETSO SIDEKICK CHARLEE-ET, Retso Holsteins, NY

Senior Two-Year-Old Cow

All National: OAKFIELD DOORMAN KARMEN-ET, Jonathan & Alicia Lamb, NY

Reserve All-National: ROSEMARY UNIX GOLDIE, Jim Butler, IL

Junior Three-Year-Old Cow


Reserve All-National: RYAN-VU UNIX SHASTI, Maple-Leigh Futures & Chad & Amy Ryan, WI

Senior Three-Year-Old Cow

All National: BLONDIN UNSTOPABU MAPLE-RED, Doeberiener, Bowen, Schilling & R&F Livestock, OH

Reserve All-National: MS CRUSHABULL CAROLINA-ET, Jim Butler, IL

Four-Year-Old Cow

All National: OAKFIELD GOLD LUCK-ET, Jonathan & Alicia Lamb, NY

Reserve All-National: JACOBS HIGH OCTANE DIA, Jim Butler, IL

Five-Year-Old Cow

All National: LE-O-LA ARVIS LAURALEE, Golden Oaks Farm, IL

Reserve All-National: BUDJON-VAIL DRM SUNSHINE-ET, Chandler & Calvin Bening, MN

Six-Year-Old & Older Cow

All National: MS ATWOOD LACEY-ET, K Doeberiener, L Bowen & W Schilling, OH

Reserve All-National: SCO-LI MT FIELD MOGUL AGGIE, Klinedell Farms LLC, PA

150,000 Lb. Lifetime Milk Production Cow

All National: HIGHCROFT ABSOLUTE LILY-RED, Eaton Holsteins & Glamourview - Iager & Walton, NY

Reserve All-National: KEVETTA CHELIOS BROOKE, Kyra & Griffin Lamb & Maggie Winspear, NY

Contact Jodi Hoynoski at 800.952.5200, ext. 4261 or with questions about the All-National Showcase program. Congratulations to all the exhibitors!