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Four new sires joined Select Sires’ NxGEN® program in December. The NxGEN lineup is stocked with sires to improve the health, longevity and efficiency of the dairy’s next generation. For early access to these genetics, herds must simply enroll in the membership program. More information can be found on the Select Sires website. Following the December sire summaries, the NxGEN lineup includes 24 sires that average +3060 GTPI®, +1,111 Net Merit (NM$), +1,131 Cheese Merit (CM$) and +1,164 Herd Health Profit Dollars™ (HHP$™).

“NxGEN has been a very beneficial tool for our genetic program,” said Ryan Matheron, NxGEN member, Hilmar Holsteins, Hilmar, California. “The early access to the most elite genetics in the industry has allowed us to improve our herd’s genetic base.”

Each of the four additions is available with gender SELECTED™ semen. To achieve a healthier, more efficient next generation, they qualify for the FeedPRO® designation and boast more than +1,000 HHP$.

7HO16276 SHEEPSTER leads the lineup for HHP$ at +1,299. This 14HO15179 TROOPER son is one of the breed’s best sires for GTPI at +3162. He also transmits stellar NM$ at +1,188 and CM$ at +1,210.

With elite evaluations for Somatic Cell Score (SCS), Zoetis Mastitis and CDCB Mastitis, 7HO16396 FELIX qualifies for Select Sires’ innovative Mastitis ResistancePRO® designation. This 7HO15394 DRIVE son offers A2A2 and BB caseins and ranks among the industry’s best for a variety of indexes. He’s also the daughter fertility superstar of the incoming class with a +1.6 Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR).

14HO16391 EASTON is another A2A2 and BB casein sire. He’s a truly balanced sire (+3101 GTPI, +1,090 HHP$, +1.99 UDC, +0.95 FLC) with an alternative sire stack (Outcome x Pursuit x Achiever).

14HO16011 VERSACHI leads the newcomers for NM$ at +1,191. Another unique pedigree, he is a 7HO15337 SUPERCHARGE x Acura x Achiever. VERSACHI ranks among the breed’s best sires for major indexes like CM$ (+1,201), HHP$ (+1,167) and GTPI (+3084).

To experience next level genetic gains, join Select Sires’ NxGEN program and add these sires to your lineup. For more information about NxGEN, or to apply for membership, visit