by Jan Hulsen

SPANISH EDITION | "Cows send out useful information every moment of the day. You just need to know how to read the signals." Signals are continuous: cows' health, their well-being, nutrition and production. The challenge is to recognize and use these signals. Veterinarian and cow lover Jan Hulsen's well-illustrated book is the ideal practical guide for improving your observation of the behavior, posture and physical characteristics of cows, individually and in groups.

When observing cows it is important not to jump to conclusions, but instead ask yourself three questions: What do I see? What is the cause? What does it mean? For example: lumps on cows' shoulders say something about access to feed; cows standing in the stalls may signal inadequate comfort. With this information, you can act immediately to improve your dairy herd's performance and well-being. And it costs you nothing but using your time more effectively.

Sharpen your skills and use this book as an invaluable aid for training your herdsman and other employees. Many thousands sold in Europe, this North American edition is just now available.

Book details:
93 pages
Full color
ISBN: 90-810974-2-3
$ 29.95