Nov. 10 2022
Location matters — in real estate, business, and A.I. During natural service, a mature bull deposits 8 to 10 billion sperm in the anterior vagina, near the cervix of the cow. One of the advantages...
Sept. 14 2022
Appropriate semen storage and handling is critical to the success of A.I. The liquid nitrogen semen storage tank actually consists of two tanks, with a smaller tank housed inside a larger tank
July 8 2022
We know that inbreeding rates accelerated after the introduction of genomic selection in 2009. Part of this shift is simply because we are turning our generations over more rapidly, which raises inbre
May 10 2022
Most dairy farms today collect data by which they attempt to make informed decisions about how to manage their herds
Nov. 15 2018
The history of preserving bovine semen goes back more than 75 years. If you are past retirement age, you’ll remember semen being packaged in 1 cc glass ampules
Nov. 9 2018
ThIs year’s 11th annual Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council (DCRC) award winners prove that constant improvement is a must
Aug. 25 2018
in a previous column, I discussed a project that was developed to explore genetic diversity and to re-establish two lost Holstein paternal lineages
Aug. 10 2018
About 38 years ago, the first prostaglandin (PGF) product was introduced into the U.S. market
June 15 2018
In 1979, the first prostaglandin product, commercially known as Lutalyse, came to the marketplace. It allowed veterinarians and farmers new opportunities to manage the estrous cycle by i
Aug. 10 2017
since the early 1970s, we have had a magical drug that has benefited dairy cow breeding programs — prostaglandin F2α (PGF)
Feb. 10 2017
Often we fail to take time to sit back and contemplate progress . . . to compare where we are with where we were
Nov. 15 2016
A record 128 herds were nominated from 18 U.S. states and Canadian provinces for this year’s ninth annual Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council awards competition
Nov. 9 2016
One of the most important economic factors that determines a milking herd’s profitability is the average days in milk (DIM). That parameter obviously depends on getting the cow pregnant early in...
Oct. 10 2016
Poor heat detection rates, under 50 percent in U.S. dairy herds, are a major factor limiting reproductive efficiency. Even so, detection of behavioral estrus plays an important role in overall reproduction
Sept. 10 2016
At our most recent Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council meeting, the University of Guelph’s Stephen LeBlanc gave an excellent presentation highlighting the importance of monitoring ketosis in transitio
July 11 2016
Pregnant with twins," I announced as I scanned cow 13478. Sam dutifully entered the information in his handheld device, but the slump of his shoulders was more dramatic than if I'd called 13478 open
Nov. 5 2015
This year's Dairy Cattle Reproduction Councils award winners have a great deal of insight to share on how they get cows safe in calf
Nov. 12 2014
Additional questions from roundtable article: "Excellent cow care leads to repro success" November 2014 Issue, page 735. Breeding - Who breeds? Dutchland Dairy: Crosby Krischel and Dave Duitscher breed...
Dec. 31 2013
But simple practices can help calves survive and thrive, even after a difficult birth. Do you know how many calves you lost as a result of dystocia last year?
June 11 2013
Tight window: seasonal calving's lynch pin To take advantage of peak pasture growth, graziers must closely monitor reproductive performance. These same principles can benefit all dairy producers. Compact...