Dairy News appears in each of the 15 issues of Hoard's Dairyman. It details market prices and dairy industry happenings.

March 10 2017
A PROPOSED FEDERAL ORDER IN CALIFORNIA came one step closer to reality when USDA released its “Recommended Decision” on February 14
Feb. 25 2017
As printed in our February 25, 2017 issue . . .USDA ECONOMISTS RECONFIRMED their All-Milk price forecast for the year at $18.05, up just a nickel from January. Range was from $17.70 to $18.40
Feb. 10 2017
As printed in our February 10, 2017 issue . . . POSITIVE PRICE PROSPECTS continued as USDA economists moved the All-Milk price forecast up 75 cents in January to an $18 midpoint for 2017. W
Jan. 25 2017
As printed in our January 25, 2017 issue . . . REFLECTING CONSUMER DEMAND FOR GOOD FATS, milkfat has been contributing a larger proportion to milk checks. Between January 2000 and August 2015, mi
Jan. 10 2017
As printed in our January 10, 2017 issue . . .TWO CO-OPS PLAN TO MERGE and form the nation’s No. 12 dairy cooperative when ranked by member milk. Under terms of the agreement, Prairie Farms of Carli
Dec. 15 2016
As printed in our December 2016 issue . . .TIGHT LABOR SUPPLIES have placed a burden on some dairies. In November, the jobless rate fell to a nine-year low of 4.6 percent. Overall, 15 million jobs hav
Nov. 8 2016
As printed in our November 2016 issue . . .FOUR-FIFTHS OF NEW MILK came from five states when evaluating September output — Wisconsin grew by 79 million pounds; Idaho, 57 million; New York, 56
Oct. 25 2016
As printed in our October 25, 2016 issue . . .A $16 ALL-MILK PRICE represented USDA’s latest projection for 2017 milk with a range from $15.55 to $16.45 per hundredweight. Those price levels w
Oct. 10 2016
A STRONG GRAIN HARVEST could be in store, USDA estimated. A record 15 billion bushels of corn, with yields at 174.4 bushels per acre, could come from fields this fall. That would be up 11 percencorey
Sept. 25 2016
As printed in our September 25, 2016 issue... AMERICANS HAVE BEEN EATING MORE DAIRY than anytime since the 1960s. At 627 pounds of dairy products per capita (on a milk equivalent basis), dairy food intake...
Sept. 10 2016
As printed in our September 10, 2016 issue... SOME 11 MILLION POUNDS OF CHEESE will be purchased by USDA from private inventories and dispersed to food banks. The purchase, valued at $20 million, will...
Sept. 1 2016
As printed in our August 25, 2016 issue... OVER $11 MILLION WENT TO DAIRY FARMERS for May-June milk production under the Margin Protection Program (MPP-Dairy). This represented the first substantial payments...
Aug. 25 2016
As printed in our August 10, 2016 issue... LESS IN THE WEST, more in the Midwest . . . that reoccurring milk production theme continued in June. California milk flow slid 2.8 percent; Washington, -0.9...
Aug. 10 2016
As printed in our July 2016 issue... WE MAY HAVE HIT THE BOTTOM of the milk-price trough, suggested the University of Wisconsin's Mark Stephenson and Bob Cropp. There has been a strong rebound in projected...
July 15 2016
As printed in our June 2016 issue... VITAMIN D AND POTASSIUM will be added to FDA's updated Nutrition Facts Panel. In replacing vitamins A and C, vitamin D and potassium joined calcium and iron as under-consumed...
May 25 2016
As printed in our May 25, 2016 issue... MILK PRICE RECOVERY could take longer than originally projected by some analysts. Prospects have dimmed due to growing product inventories and continued low oil...
May 10 2016
As printed in our May 10, 2016 issue... THE $15.25 ALL-MILK PRICE FORECAST by USDA economists for 2016 has held steady for the past two months. If milk production continues to show strong gains and exports...
April 25 2016
As printed in our April 25, 2016 issue... MILK MARGINS COULD SHRINK further, reported NMPF analysts. After spending the final third of 2015 well above the Margin Protection Program's (MPP-Dairy) payout...
April 21 2016
As printed in our April 10, 2016 issue... STRONG DOMESTIC SALES have kept U.S. milk prices ahead of other dairy export countries. Domestic consumption, measured by USDA's commercial disappearance figure,...
April 5 2016
As printed in our March 25, 2016 issue... A $15.25 ALL-MILK PRICE represented USDA's latest 2016 price forecast. Since last May, economists have lowered the projection by $2.70 per cwt. JANUARY MILK FELL...