Dairy Farmers of Canada, partnering with Canadian processors from across the country, announced it officially set a new world record. On July 8, 2010, they broke the Guinness World Record for the world's largest smoothie at the Bust-a-Record Dairy Day celebration held in Toronto, Canada.

The 264-gallon smoothie was made from all Canadian ingredients. It consisted of 145.5 gallons of 100 percent Canadian milk, 660 pounds of frozen blueberries, 39 gallons of vanilla yogurt, and 9.2 gallons of honey. The mixture was blended in a 317-gallon stainless steel bolt tank by a team of leading Canadian dairy producers.

President of Dairy Farmers of Canada, Jacques Laforge, noted, "Setting a new Guinness World Record with the All-Canadian Blueberry Smoothie is a wonderful way to celebrate our Canadian dairy producers and the purity, high quality, and great taste of dairy products made from 100 percent Canadian milk."

Booster Juice in London, Ontario, with a 179-gallon smoothie, held the previous record. The Dairy Farmers of Canada bested this by approximately 90 gallons.

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