Ladies and gentlemen it's showtime at last.

One of the best surprises we've had in a long time arrived in our e-mail on Tuesday this week, from the Center for Consumer Freedom in Washington D.C. announcing it has formed to be a watchdog to fan away the smoke and clear the mirrors of propaganda spewed by the Humane Society of the United States.

Pinch us because it feels like a dream.

In the announcement, CCF Director of Research David Martosko said, "Nearly one million Americans donate money to HSUS every year, and most are completely unaware that they're bankrolling PETA-style propaganda, far-reaching anti-meat campaigns, a huge staff of lawyers, and bloated pension plans for HSUS executives.

"Donors deserve to know exactly how their money is being spent," he continued. "HumaneWatch will create an open dialogue for farmers, scientists, fashion designers, entertainers, and countless Americans who love both their pets and their chicken sandwiches."

Browse through the HumaneWatch website and you'll see no shortage of critical questions and fact-supported statements that paint a picture of HSUS as a relentless fund-raising machine, rather than a benevolent savior of unwanted pets that its tear-jerker TV commercials want people to believe. Among HumaneWatch's most recent entries is a connect-the-dot sequence that strongly suggests HSUS's claimed membership of 11 million – which it wields like a bludgeon over the heads of politicians – is actually only 420,000.

Yes, we are positively giddy that HumaneWatch is putting HSUS and its one-sided tactics under the microscope. We're also going to pull up a chair and watch, and we can't wait to see what happens. Extra butter anyone?