Jan. 18 2018
The internet has joined the agriculture industry together
Sept. 25 2017
Katie grinstead founded the Fond du Lac County Fair Ag Birthing Center in 2014, which draws an annual crowd of 20,000 attendees.The majority of today’s food conversations are among consumers who...
Aug. 2 2017
We can be brave. We can tell our side of the story despite the opposition they will inevitably throw at us
July 26 2017
There are consumers who wish to learn about where their food comes from; how you go about answering that question could benefit the dairy industry or dramatically hurt it
June 12 2017
People who live hundreds of miles away from your farm (and have never stepped foot on a farm) are making food decisions that might impact your farm.
June 8 2017
When ordering a coffee in the morning, I am observing more and more people swapping cow’s milk for almond milk
May 25 2017
Ask a farmer to help promote dairy products, and for many, providing chocolate milk to a school tour, scooping ice cream at a carnival, or bringing a calf to a petting zoo is right up their alle
Jan. 23 2017
“The Bachelor” episode that airs on January 23, 2017, not only features bachelor Nick Viall, but Knigge Farms of Omro, Wis. This Wisconsin dairy farm was the first in the United States to milk...
Dec. 1 2016
We get pretty excited around this time of year. We live in a very small town and do some different things for the community
Nov. 30 2016
If you are like most Americans, you watched something. Maybe it was an amazing football catch, a local breaking news story, or a quick one-minute recipe. Facebook gets about 8 million video views each
Nov. 9 2016
“I have no time to do this.” ”If I do this, I put a target on my back.” “I understand why it’s important, but I don’t get this stuff.”
June 16 2016
When a person decides to become a dairy farmer, they aren't choosing just a career but a lifestyle. As many of you know, dairy farming is a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week job. Most dairymen and women live...
June 9 2016
Consumers will not hear what we have to say about the dairy industry unless we take the initiative and find ways to tell them. "To the consumer, our story doesn't exist unless we tell it." Dairy farmers...
May 23 2016
Top animal welfare expert praises animal care, impressed with newest lameness research. Temple Grandin visits Vir-Clar Farm in Fond du Lac, Wis. "I saw dairy cows who have a wonderful life today." That's...
May 10 2016
The Washington Post reporter left countless positive comments about the dairy industry out of his article. Temple had the email evidence to prove it. The last thing I expected when I wrote my blog about...
April 26 2016
A recent interview in The Washington Post with the renowned animal welfare specialist leaves many in dairy circles with unanswered questions. With all due respect to Temple Grandin, and the research she...
April 19 2016
Our little boy's passion made me realize the weight we carry as advocates and educators of our industry. Our local preschool class did a fun project this year where all the kids picked a topic and did...
March 11 2016
Event celebrates the value of food production in our world. Tuesday, March 15 is National Agriculture Day, which marks the 43rd year of celebrating the ways agriculture impacts everyone. This year's theme...
Feb. 10 2016
Animal activists are becoming bolder in their actions; even events like dairy shows could attract guests with ulterior motives. You've lined up the judge, secured the award sponsors and ordered the ribbons....
Dec. 9 2015
Whether you're in the barn or the showring, you have to stay calm. You never know who's watching. by Hannah Thompson Earlier this year, I was in the crowd at a county fair's dairy show for the supreme...