Telling dairy’s story – the accomplishments and challenges this industry faces – is becoming more important with each year. Fewer Americans are involved in agriculture, and more and more are learning about life on a dairy farm through media outlets rather than through farmers, friends, and neighbors. That’s why storytelling – and communicating of dairy’s value to the United States and the world – is becoming a bigger part of industry success.

At the National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF), telling that story takes many forms, often in ways that every dairy farmer can relate to, appreciate, and pass on to others who need to know. One of the most popular features on our website,, is our “Farmer Focus” series highlighting the great work and inspiring stories of producers who face today’s challenges and succeed. We tell stories from farmers across the country – our latest features Melvin Medeiros, a California producer who testified before Congress earlier this month on how his dairy, and dairies across the nation, are sustainability leaders.

We also tout dairy’s accomplishments through our industry-leading Dairy Defined essays and podcasts.

  • Did you know that, despite what plant-based naysayers will tell you, U.S. dairy consumption is at its highest since 1960?
  • Or that once the marketing hype has passed, companies like Oatly and Beyond Meat are struggling in the stock market?

There’s a lot of myth-making going on among dairy’s opponents: Dairy Defined helps correct that.

NMPF also offers valuable services online for its members, including toolboxes with resources on how to understand – and take advantage of – federal policies and programs, as well as frequent member alerts to explain important policy developments that affect producers. In just the past few weeks we’ve stayed on top of everything from workplace COVID-19 vaccination rules to the latest twists and turns of the seemingly never-ending Waters of the United States debate.

And if there’s anything about Washington, D.C., that frustrates you – and who isn’t? – our Take Action page allows you to get in touch with members of Congress and other officials so they can hear what you have to say about important issues affecting dairy.

If you have any interest in receiving any of these free materials, there’s an easy way to get them. Just go to our (recently redesigned) website,, and click on top, on the words “Stay Informed.” That will take you to a signup sheet for NMPF publications. Some of them are for co-op members only – as an old American Express ad once said, “Membership has its privileges.” But wherever you may be in the dairy community, there’s a lot there that can help keep you informed, and the industry moving forward.

Please take a look and take what you need. The only way dairy will win with consumers and policymakers is by working together and expanding our message. Thank you for helping us reach further.

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February 21, 2022
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