Aug. 26 2016 06:20 AM

Hoard's Dairyman compiles details on dairy colleges.

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School is about to start or has already begun for a few. It's a new school year with new teachers, and maybe even a different school. For high school students, the time will fly by and then it is the working world or college.

Hoard's Dairyman has compiled several resources for young people wanting to explore an education with an agriculture focus after high school. The summer intern this year updated the listing of four-year universities with dairy programs in North America and presented the information in our August 25 issue. We also keep updated lists of the top dairy schools and contact information for their dairy programs on the website.

And while everyone says college is expensive - they are correct - if you are simply looking at the initial investment of cash. But, with proper planning and budgeting, the costs can be manageable. One way to do that is to attend a two-year program that has classes that will transfer to a four-year university. A list of 2-year schools with dairy programs is available on the website as well.

However, transferring to a four-year university from a two-year college requires thorough planning to ensure that classes receive full credit at the university level. This is the path that I took. With two years at a junior college, I completed all my general education classes, graduated with an Associates Degree in Dairy Science, transferred the maximum credits to the university, and earned a lot of scholarships in the process. Once I got to the university, I only needed to take classes in my major (Animal Science) and minor (Agricultural Business).

Another dynamite list that can be found on the youth page of our website are the
national and regional scholarships. You cannot win scholarships that you do not apply for!

Even if college is a few years away, it is not too early to start thinking about possible schools. Dairy camps or leadership conferences held on university sites can provide an opportunity to step on a college campus and get a feel for the ambiance. Campus tours are given to interested students, so plan ahead, make connections with the staff, and experience college life for a few hours. The contacts at each school are listed on our website.

A half-day investment may provide valuable insight into determining your future. You will see the campus, meet some of the faculty, and learn about the program, including some scholarship opportunities only available to students at that university.

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