Tuesday evening’s annual Exhibitor Party was a great finish to a successful first day of the 50th World Dairy Expo. Great food and live cheese sculpting took center stage at the event, which is hosted and sponsored by Hoard’s Dairyman and World Dairy Expo.

The reception was an opportunity for exhibitors to socialize and unwind after a busy first day. Many longtime exhibitors caught up with old friends who they only see at WDE.

To celebrate the milestone year, a cow head was carved out of cheese during the event, a highlight for many. Plenty of selfies were also taken. A 50th year logo previously carved was also on display.

Attendees were able to enjoy cheese, special Hoard’s Dairyman cow cupcakes, appetizers, and social beverages throughout the evening.

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Sydney Sleep

Sydney Sleep was the 2016 Hay & Forage Grower summer editorial intern and is a junior at South Dakota University.