As people get older, some believe that they have learned all they need to know and forego any further education, whether formal or informal. And with the hectic lives that dairy producers lead, many focus their time on completing the daily tasks at hand and don't ponder expanding their knowledge in a classroom or at a conference. But, as some say, if you stop learning, you really stop living.

Yet, the mind is a powerful tool that needs constant stimulation to perform at its best. Meetings, seminars, and conferences are held across the country highlighting on various topics with a focus on current and future implications. National and regional meeting announcements are printed in Hoard's Dairyman and are also published online at in our Industry Events calendar on the home page.

Learning about the latest technology or current milk pricing discussions are valuable to nearly everyone, both on the producer side and the industries that support them and which they support. A few hours invested in a meeting could pay large dividends in your operation and life. The knowledge gained will be an asset, while the opportunity to interact with others facing the same issues is priceless.

So, maybe your local cooperative is hosting a meeting on farm economics, a state breed association is hosting a convention and will be discussing trends in genetics, or your pharmaceutical representative is having an area luncheon to talk about new regulations in production agriculture. Your schedule may be tight, but exposing your mind to new information just might what you need!

Hoard's Dairyman launched its webinar series in January and will have a free webinar each month. So, only one hour (at noon central time) of your time on the second Monday of each month will give you a chance to learn what is new in the industry. The webinars allow you to ask questions, and the presenter will reply for all to hear the responses. Sit at your computer, grab a sandwich, and a glass of milk while you listen, learn, and enjoy.

For more about the Hoard's webinars, click on the Hoard's Webinars link on the top right corner of the home page or go directly to to learn more, see upcoming topics, and to register.