July 31 2018 08:55 AM

    Get the scoop on Mike Hutjen’s updated Feeding Guide.

    There’s a new resource in town, with the latest on feed and nutrition for your cows. Introducing . . . the Feeding Guide, 4th Edition by Mike Hutjens!

    Updates to the book’s practical guidelines are complimented by a brand new layout. And, for the first time, an electronic ebook version is available on the iBooks Store with five bonus videos not found in the hard copy version.

    According to Hutjens, a professor from the University of Illinois, "We certainly hope it’s a useful learning tool for not only students and studying, but for dairy farmers when they want to learn more about their feeding programs, what kind of numbers they should be looking for, and of course hopefully for nutritionists and veterinarians as they work with their cliental as well.”

    Visit on.hoards.com/feed-18 to learn more, or press play below to hear the full rundown from the author himself. The book is available through the Hoard’s Dairyman Bookstore, which can be found at hoards.com/bookstore.

    Aisha Liebenow

    The author is the special publications manager. Aisha is a graduate of University of Wisconsin-Madison with degrees in Life Sciences Communication and Environmental Science. She is responsible for the Hoard’s Dairyman bookstore and creating educational resources for farmers, students, and dairy industry professionals.