Oct. 5 2019 06:34 PM

    Supreme Champion Cow and Heifer of the Junior Shows went to Wisconsin youth.

    Supreme Champion presentations

    The seven breed champions paraded under the spotlight in the Coliseum filled with anxious guests waiting to see who would be named Supreme Champion of the Junior Shows at World Dairy Expo 2019. Additionally, a Supreme Junior Champion recognition was instituted last year to honor the best heifer of the youth breed shows. There were 772 animals exhibited by junior exhibitors this week in Madison, Wis.

    In addition to prize money, banners, sashes, and a director’s chair, the Supreme Champion exhibitor will get a 20-foot long cattle trailer to use for the upcoming year.

    Taking the Supreme Champion honors was the homebred Red and White, Mead-Manor Def Adeline-Red for Mike and Megan Moede, Algoma, Wis.

    Supreme Champion fo the Junior Show

    Reserve Supreme Champion honors went to the Holstein, Musthaven Goldwyn Jawlyn-P.

    This silky black cow was exhibited by Miles, Macrae, and Madison Price, and Christian Cunningham, Penngrove, Calif.

    Supreme Champion Heifer also went the Red and White. Milksource Thunder-Red-ET took the banner for owners Molly Olstad and Tristan Ostrom of Wisconsin.

    Dalton, Dillon, and Breanne Freeman’s Ayrshire, Nor-Bert Lochin Vesta, took the Reserve Supreme Heifer banner. Her owners live in Bremen, Ind.

    The other five breed Grand Champion contenders were:


    Old-N Lazy Gibbs Morgan-ET
    Mikayla Endres, Lodi, Wis.

    Brown Swiss:

    Jenlar Carter Waltz-ETV
    Brianna Meyer, Chilton, Wis.


    Thurston Farms Primetime Trixie
    Katie T Livingston, West Winfield, N.Y.


    Four-Hills Velocity Glorianna
    Megan Hill, Bristol, Vt.

    Milking Shorthorn:

    Mar-Leigh Presto Juliet-EXP
    Mary Sweeney, Bergen, N.Y.

    Molly Olstad led the Red and White to the Supreme Junior Champion honor of the Junior Show

    Other Junior Champion Heifers:

    Brown Swiss:

    New View C Bravo
    Molly Moffett and Kelly Jo Manion, West Salem, Ohio


    Twincounty Whats On Tap-ET
    Landree Fraley, Muncy, Pa.


    Harvue Doorman Fiji-ET
    Jacob Bingham, Clear Spring, Md.


    Townside Norman Kookie
    Noah Bilz and Greg Cornish, Dorchester, Wis.

    Milking Shorthorn:

    Heavenly Applecrunch
    Jazmin Wingert, Kent, Ill.

    Patti Hurtgen

    The author is the online media manager and is responsible for the website, webinars, and social media. A graduate of Modesto Junior College and Fresno State, she was raised on a California dairy and frequently blogs on youth programs and consumer issues.