Sept. 1 2011 07:13 AM

The newest element of the "make mine Milk" campaign includes notable athletes sharing why they choose to drink milk.


Our neighbors across the pond in the U.K. have developed a campaign, known as "make mine Milk," to increase milk consumption amongst British citizens. On Tuesday, the newest component of their movement, Team Milk, was launched. Using an elite group of British athletes, the latest efforts aim to convey the nutrition and health benefits of consuming low-fat milk to the public.

The athletic figures donning mustaches include heptathlete Denise Lewis, amputee sprinter and long jumper Stefanie Reid and cyclist Ed Clancy. Freestyle swimmer Jazmin Carlin and 110-meter hurdle champion Andy Turner round out the promotional efforts.

Key to their efforts is the utilization of social media outlets, such as YouTube to spread the athlete's messages.

The campaign has also employed dancing cows touting the benefits of milk throughout the streets of the U.K., including Glasgow, Scotland.

Well-known British celebrities have also signed on to the campaign, including Rupert Grint, who played Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter movie series.

The campaign was developed by the Milk Marketing Forum, a consortium of leading dairy companies, with support from Dairy UK and The Dairy Council. Of the 7.5 million pounds spent on the campaign, a third comes from European Union funding.