Sept. 14 2011 07:13 AM

DCRC's two-day meeting gives us a chance to learn from top researchers and producers.

This November 10 and 11 will mark the seventh consecutive year that the Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council (DCRC) is hosting a meeting dedicated solely to dairy cattle reproduction issues. The two-day meeting provides a great deal of food for thought for those who either work with cows or handle reproductive issues on a daily basis.

This year's meeting will discuss a variety of critical topics:
• fresh cow health
• pregnancy losses
• heifer reproduction
• chemical tests for pregnancy diagnosis
• economics of resynchronization
• maintaining seasonal calving
• improving foot and claw health
• reproductive protocols

One of the highlights of the meeting just might be the unveiling of the DCRC Reproductive Protocols Review. As you may recall, Ovsynch was developed in 1995. Since then, the number of reproductive protocols has exploded. In an effort to make them more understandable, DCRC has developed an in-depth protocol sheet to help all of us keep them straight. To download your own copy.

An added bonus for those attending this year's meeting is the fact the nation's top dairy producers will be recognized for their efforts in getting cows bred. In addition to the awards ceremony, these top-level producers will participate in a round table discussion and answer attendee questions on how they achieve some of the top pregnancy rates in the nation.

In all, presenters will be on hand from eight universities, two companies, and over a half-dozen dairy farms. If you would like to attend DCRC's meeting in Kansas City, Mo., go to Registration can be found in the lower right corner.