Nov. 7 2011 12:50 AM

The first and second senior 3-year-olds were Judge Herby Lutz's choice for Intermediate Champion.

Herby Lutz of Chester, S.C. and his associate, Andrew Vander Muelen of Brighton, Ontario, Canada, are serving as officials for this year's 59th All American Jersey Show. This show is the nation's largest Jersey show in which All American honors for the Jersey breed are designated once the official placings for the classes are completed in Louisville, Ky.

Judges Lutz and Vander Muelen selected SC Goldust Governor Angela A 52-ET owned by Bush River Jerseys, Goff Dairy, and Skiparilla and housed in Newberry, S.C., as Intermediate Champion. Reserve Intermediate Champion went to September Star Impuls, shown by Claire and Reece Burdette, Patricia Stiles, and Cybil Fisher. Star Impuls is housed in Mercersburg, Pa. Shown in the photo is the Intermediate Champion at the right with the Reserve Intermediate Champion to the left.

Honorable Mention Intermediate Champion honors went to the Jersey Jug winner, Miss Iatola Blackie Rose-ET, who was also a senior-3-year-old. She is owned by Waverly Farms, Clear Brook, Va.

This happens to be the first year in many years that the senior 3-year-olds were included with the Intermediate Champion group.

In an effort to get a larger audience to watch the Jersey heifer show, the 59th All American Jersey Show reverted to a more traditional approach for the second straight year with calves and heifers showing before the cows. Taking junior champion honors was Tower Vue Lil Kook, owned by Scott Walton. Reserve Champion honors went to KCJF Motions Comotion owned by Brady Core.