Nov. 22 2011 01:03 PM

A positive image and impact seen for dairy producers

"U.S. Dairy Farmers Care," tells the story of dairy producers and their commitment to their animals, the environment, local communities, and consumers. While only three-minutes in length, it is packed with valuable figures to remind consumers (primarily non-agriculture) of the impact that dairy has on us.

"This video pays tribute to the more than 55,000 dairy farm families dedicated to providing our country and the world with high-quality, nutritious milk and dairy foods," said Rick Cozzitorto, dairy marketing manager for Merck Animal Health. "And they do so while caring for their animals, reducing the environmental footprint of dairy production, and contributing to our local economies." Dairy producers can also use the video as a library of facts when talking to consumers about the dairy industry.
U.S. Dairy Farmers Care shares facts about:
  • Family farms: the percentage of U.S. dairy farms that are family owned
  • Animal care: how dairy farmers care for their animals
  • Economic value: the financial impact dairy cows and dairy farmers have on local communities
  • Carbon footprint: how the dairy industry's carbon footprint has changed over time
  • Dairy consumption: how much milk and dairy foods Americans consume each year
  • Feeding the world: with a growing world population, how much more milk will be needed in the future
Hoard's Dairyman sees this video as an important message to distribute and we have posted the video on our facebook page, industry buzz, and tweeted about it. We encourage our readers and dairy-industry supporters to share this video with their friends, family members, and their social networks.