May 16 2012 01:53 PM

Domino's said no to the demands of HSUS. So, this weekend, farmers are going to support their local Domino's by ordering pizzas and delivering thank you cards.

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) seems to have its hands in everything lately. When we turn on the news, HSUS is often cited as a credible source. During commercials, they ask for $19 a month to support their lawyers and pension fund. Even on the Internet, we often find HSUS staff trolling websites to make the first comment when anything agriculturally interesting happens.

Of course, HSUS is not a friend to those of us in animal agriculture. They mislead consumers to fatten their wallets and put leading questions on ballots that are hard to say no to. In recent weeks, they've convinced McDonald's and Burger King to shift their product supply to the demands of HSUS' staff.

But in all this mayhem, Domino's Pizza stood up to the animal rights bully and said no. At an April Domino's shareholders meeting, shareholders voted 80 percent against and 4 percent for (with 16 percent abstaining) a resolution to not use gestation crates for sows, according to

To celebrate the decision, agriculturalists have launched a nationwide campaign to thank Domino's for saying no to HSUS. While the gestation crate issue remains contentious, farmers look to band together against an organization that wants to put them out of business. Of course, this specific initiative did not involve dairy farmers, but maybe the next one will. Plus, more pizza means more cheese sales. What have we got to lose?

If you're planning to participate, organizers encourage you to give this printout to your local Domino's:

For more information, look for AG PIZZA PARTY on Facebook or read The Truth About Agriculture blog.

Will you participate?