Sept. 25 2012 06:27 AM

Hoard's Dairyman editorial internship application due October 19

What will the working world be like? College students get a taste during internships. These brief working assignments, usually during the three months of summer, provide insight into a future career. Is an office job or one outdoors better suited to me? Do I work better with people or animals? Is traveling enjoyable or a dreaded necessity?

All of these questions can be answered with internships.

There are only a handful of internships that focus on writing about the dairy industry. Fortunately, the successful Hoard's Dairyman internship program is now seeking applications to fill its 25th intern position.

Three of the editors now on staff were previous interns. Others have found careers in writing, public relations and communications. From day one, the intern works side-by-side with the editorial team as a valued and contributing member. The high expectations for quality work does not soften during the summer months.

The 2012 intern, Chelsey Johnson, really appreciated the feedback on her writing during her experience at Hoard's Dairyman. "I really improved my writing skills and still maintained my own style. I am much more confident in my work." The deadlines and timelines keep the intern on a firm schedule – a skill that is vital in any career, while oral communication abilities are also exercised.

The intern contacts dairy producers to arrange farm visits and adhere to the schedule. Once on the farm, conversing about the dairy industry should come naturally. The questions generated need to be thought-provoking because over 62,000 readers are depending on engaging content in the magazine.

Chelsey Johnson shares more detail about her time as a Hoard's Dairyman intern. If you have a passion for the dairy industry and enjoy writing, consider the 2013 Hoard's Dairyman Editorial internship. The deadline is October 19. More details on the internship can be found on our website at

If writing is not an interest of yours, there are numerous other internships available in the agricultural and dairy industries. Visit National Dairy Shrine's website to see a thorough list of dairy-related internships. Plan ahead so you get a wide variety of choices.