Bloomington, Minn., is the site of this year's National Holstein Convention. Excellent weather welcomed Holstein breeders and juniors from across the country. Sunday's host day tours featured visits to Sapa-Ska Farm, Lake City, Minn.; the National Eagle Center, Lake City, Minn.; Floralawn Holsteins, Hutchinson, Minn.; Raylore Farm, Hutchinson, Minn.; and Glenmark Genetics and Bonnie Mohr Studio, Glencoe, Minn. Visitors at Bonnie Mohr studio had the opportunity to see where the newly-updated Foster Mothers of the Human Race Painting was created. Sunday evening concluded with a visit to Minnesota's very own Landscape Arboretum featuring over 1,000 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens.

Monday began delegate meetings while 35 teams competed in Dairy Bowl competitions. Dairy bowl finals occurred Tuesday morning. It was the junior team from California and the senior team from Pennsylvania that took home top honors. Minnesota and Washington came in at a close second in the junior and senior divisions, respectively.

We'll be providing you with more updates from the convention as it concludes. Hoard's Dairyman staff have been heavily involved serving as a delegate, a coach, a tour host, and a judge! We've been busy! Watch the HD Notebook to find out more! Or, visit our Hoard's Dairyman facebook page.