Sept. 30 2022
When it comes to milk quality, there are details I can see now that I couldn’t before we had our voluntary milking system
Sept. 8 2022
Summer’s heat and humidity bring challenges of heat stress, bacteria, and flies to our animals
June 2 2022
You may recall middle or high school teachers using Venn diagrams to illustrate correlations between two different subjects
May 13 2022
With the heat comes the flies, and our farm uses several methods to keep these pests off our cows
April 18 2022
Recently, I attended a herd health talk in which the presenter described a disease as the “silent thief,” and it struck me that, in my experience, Prototheca mastitis could be viewed analogously
Jan. 11 2021
“We always say prevention is key to milk quality,” said Penn State Extension educator Greg Strait. “We try to help cure the problem . . . but we want to prevent that problem when we arrive...
Nov. 2 2020
“Milking is a complex interaction where the dairyman, the cows, and the milking unit need to work as one,” said Greg Strait, an extension educator in Pennsylvania’s Fulton County
Oct. 22 2020
“We have to ask for practical use, is it helpful? Does the farmer know more after consulting the system than he or she did before? Of course, we want perfect sensor systems, but we have to use the...
Nov. 18 2019
It’s no secret that milk quality has improved enormously over the last few decades. In fact, DHI records indicate that the national average for somatic cell counts has fallen from 304,000 cells/mL...
Oct. 9 2019
We’ve never been the herd with the lowest somatic cell count (SCC). Our numbers have always bounced around, and we’ve literally tried everything to stabilize them
Oct. 7 2019
For years, it has been a very common practice for farms to treat all cows with antibiotics at the first sign of mastitis
Oct. 1 2018
U.S. dairies have made huge progress in improving milk quality — average somatic cell count (SCC) by DHIA herds in 2017 was 197,000, according to the Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding
March 19 2018
There was a time when mastitis ravaged dairy herds across the globe
Jan. 29 2018
In the past several years, selective dry cow treatment has gained some prevalence in the industry as an alternative to the more common blanket dry cow treatment, which has been the gold standard for mastitis...
Nov. 20 2017
When dairy producers think about mastitis, they likely don’t automatically connect it to reproductive problems, but the two can go hand in hand
July 17 2017
When we are working with cows every day, we often don’t realize just how fast the dairy industry is changing
July 17 2017
“If a farmer has an attitude of being responsible for mastitis on the farm, there was a lower bulk tank somatic cell count (SCC),” explained the University of Tennessee’s Peter Krawczel
July 10 2017
Over the course of the last few decades, dairies have waged war on mastitis pathogens and by some gauges have been hugely successful. Particularly when bulk tank somatic cell counts are evaluated
June 5 2017
Combining technologies can boost the overall success of monitoring mastitis events, shared the University of Kentucky’s Jeff Bewley at the recent Precision Dairy Conference in Lexington, Ky
Oct. 10 2016
Mastitis is an infection of the udder that, unfortunately, leaves few farms behind. Looking at the recently released USDA’s “Dairy 2014: Milk Quality, Milking Procedures and Mastitis on U.S....