June 29 2017
Have you ever heard the term “set in your ways”? Well, I have, and I know a lot of people who are. Sometimes this can be a good thing, while other times, not so much
May 10 2017
Dairy farm technology in 2066 will be more nature-based than it is today. It will be guided by information across the entire farmstead, including fields wherever feed is grown. Dairy farmers will employ...
May 8 2017
Since the mid-1990s when ovsynch first came on the scene, reproductive technologies have greatly expanded when it comes to cows getting safe in calf
March 28 2017
SXSW . . . as in South by Southwest . . . is all about making a big impression
March 22 2017
I recently had the opportunity to interview several outstanding college students for the Animal Agriculture Alliance’s summer communications internships
March 9 2017
We have come to a fork in the road here at Hillcrest Farms. Like I have said in the past, we are always trying to keep up with technology and stay at the forefront of our industry
Feb. 15 2017
Have you ever thought how emerging technologies will affect agriculture in the long run to optimize management and profitability?
Jan. 12 2017
Many dairies are becoming more advanced and using the latest technologies available, and we also try and “keep up with the Joneses.”
Nov. 21 2016
“As you look forward on your farm and business, always keep the consumer in mind,” Mike McCloskey explained to attendees at the Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council’s annual gathering in...
June 20 2016
Data management is a daunting task, but identifying key metrics to monitor can help farms sort through the flood of information and bolster the bottom line
Aug. 3 2015
The career of a milkman has gone a little more high-tech at one Arizona milk cooperative, and others across the country may soon be following suit. The United Dairyman of Arizona (UDA) first added automation...
May 26 2015
As a nation's economy grows and develops, protein, from meat and other sources, is often the first dietary addition its citizens seek. But, for those of us residing in already industrialized nations, could...
March 24 2015
The list of precision dairy farming technologies continues to grow and tell us more about our cows
July 14 2014
Cloned milk is very much different from the milk it is replacing, as reported in your July 7 Hoard's Dairyman Intel "Consumer Reports offers poor advice on milk." Trust me! (I know that deep down inside,...
June 16 2014
Unmanned aircraft systems, more commonly referred to as drones, first made headlines in the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts. Within our borders, drones are also being used by the federal government to monitor...
June 10 2014
I grew up listening to my grandpa talk about the "good ol' days" when computers did not exist and cellphones were a figment of the imagination. For better or worse, I have never known agriculture without...
Jan. 27 2014
"Remember, every country has a constituency that is a farmer. It makes trade deals quite difficult to negotiate," said Ron Kirk, the immediate past U.S. Trade Representative for the Obama Administration....
Sept. 3 2013
As Hoard's Dairyman dives deeper into the digital world, farms continue to head in that direction as well. As reported by the USDA, 70 percent of farms now have access to a computer and 68 percent own...
Aug. 9 2013
Tools from even a few years ago can't hold a candle to new equipment. A dairy producer who hasn't bought a new tractor or piece of forage equipment in less than five years - which industry surveys say...
March 21 2013
As the online media manger, much of my day is spent online. As a publication, we share new stories with those interested in dairy cattle. However, as an individual, you need to be careful of what you share...