Jan. 22 2018
While GMO (genetically modified organism) feeds continue to garner attention from some food retailers and consumers, there are a number of other common dairy farm practices that have gained some attention
Dec. 11 2017
Those who are anti-animal agriculture would like us to believe a planet without livestock production would be a better place in terms of greenhouse gas emissions
Nov. 6 2017
Science has unearthed another strike against dairy beverage alternatives
Nov. 3 2017
A recent article appeared in the New York Post about a farmer that lost his life when his cow rammed him against the fence
Oct. 23 2017
The milk suppliers of Ben & Jerry’s will be entering into a contract that requires them to meet defined goals in the treatment and management of their employees
Oct. 16 2017
The proportion of Holstein-type animals going through U.S. beef processing plants has almost quadrupled the last five years
Oct. 16 2017
Dairy farmers have more bacteria in their nose and mouth, potentially correlated with better disease resistance
Oct. 16 2017
U.S. cheese consumption reached a record 36.6 pounds per capita. That means every American is drinking 366 pounds of fluid milk in the form of cheese
Oct. 16 2017
Ice cream company Ben & Jerry’s signed an agreement earlier this month with a farmworkers’ group that established labor standards for its supplying farms.
Oct. 2 2017
On August 14, the Texas Department of State Health Services (Texas DSHS) issued a Brucellosis Health Alert. A female patient had been diagnosed with brucellosis and hospitalized
Oct. 2 2017
It’s no secret that fluid milk consumption has been on the decline while milk imposters crowd the dairy aisle. The good news, though, is that milk is still America’s top dairy beverage pick
Sept. 25 2017
In addition to butter and whole milk, sour cream, ice cream, and cottage cheese have benefited from new research and revitalized consumer demand.
Sept. 25 2017
Katie grinstead founded the Fond du Lac County Fair Ag Birthing Center in 2014, which draws an annual crowd of 20,000 attendees.The majority of today’s food conversations are among consumers who...
Sept. 18 2017
Read your food labels.That was the message a Chicago federal judge sent to consumers when he dismissed a slew of class-action lawsuits against Kraft Heinz, Target, Walmart, and other defendants
Aug. 21 2017
Consumers have been consuming more butter by as much as 5 to 12 percent in some North American and European countries.
Aug. 10 2017
In a classic 1997 behavioral economics study on New York City cabdrivers, it was found that the reason you cannot find a cab in New York City on a rainy day is because the taxi driver sets a personal...
Aug. 7 2017
For years, scientists have been trying unsuccessfully to create a vaccine against human immunodeficiency virus or HIV, the virus that causes AIDS
July 26 2017
There are consumers who wish to learn about where their food comes from; how you go about answering that question could benefit the dairy industry or dramatically hurt it
July 24 2017
There is nothing more frustrating for dairy producers than when the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) refuses to enforce current regulations that would prohibit vegetable-based products from being la