Aug. 24 2020
With the 2020 turmoil, I sense this time of the year brings excitement and a sense of purpose for many
Aug. 3 2020
Historically, monitoring kernel milklines was the gold standard for determining time of harvest for corn destined for silage
Dec. 30 2019
Being part of numerous discussions, invited talks, and articles recently centering on reviewing the 2019 growing and harvest season, and ultimately grasping the corn crop quality, a few common threads...
Nov. 4 2019
Just like your teenager who turns 16 and gets his or her driver's license, nitrogen in soil is mobile. Nitrogen (N) is known to move readily with water, especially with N applied as fertilizer or manure
Sept. 2 2019
Despite a dismal corn planting season for the majority of the country, dairy producers could breathe a bit easier about previously projected shortages raising feed prices
July 2 2018
SilageSnap, a new app available this July for your mobile device, can provide dairy producers and custom operators an accurate method for checking the kernel processor roller settings during harvest
Sept. 27 2017
‘Tis the season for sleepless nights, stress, and quality corn silage
Dec. 7 2015
Select the cream of next year's corn crop. As one corn harvest season comes to a close, plans are already underway for the next growing season. Many critical agronomic conversations happen around the kitchen...
Aug. 21 2015
Third biggest harvest in history is predicted for 2015. For the second year in a row and even with disappointing milk prices, dairy producers will probably be smiling as they shop for corn this fall. If...
May 25 2015
When it comes to feed prices and dairy trade, two "C" words have dominated conversations for more than a decade: for ethanol it's corn and for dairy products it's China. Since only one in five of our readers...
July 14 2014
by Corey Geiger, Managing Editor are predicting prices closer to the $4 mark . . . more on those predictions in a few paragraphs. In either case, dairy farm managers who have dealt with high commodity...
July 7 2014
America's amber waves of grain will be tinted green for a spell as the largest soybean crop on record went into the ground this spring. Up 11 percent over the year prior, planted soybean acres for 2014...
Jan. 20 2014
Most by-product feed markets tend to track corn and soybean meal prices. Producers, therefore, saw little urgency to secure supplies as the price of corn fell during the summer months. But, while corn...
Sept. 16 2013
Dairy producers in the midst of the corn silage harvest from Wisconsin to New York all agree that the silage harvest is far exceeding last year's crop which was severely stricken by drought. However, in...
Sept. 9 2013
The nearly nationwide drought in 2012 alone cost the U.S. economy $30 billion, according to recent estimates from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Dairy producers bore the drought's...
Aug. 22 2013
What can you afford to pay for land rent and still be competitive? Margin management has become critical to farm success. "Keeping in mind feed market volatility, it looks like feed will be cheaper based...
Feb. 7 2013
The replant window for corn can be quite narrow. Even though corn is a crucial ration ingredient, as the growing season progresses the decision to plant another crop
April 29 2011
Corn populations and row width deserve review. Summarizing corn population research can be daunting. There are reams of studies that address specific
Dec. 13 2010
Should you plant only one in an effort to feed corn silage of uniform quality each day, or should you plant several hybrids to reduce the impact of a single hybrid performing poorly? Since there's no standard...