Nov. 9 2018
ThIs year’s 11th annual Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council (DCRC) award winners prove that constant improvement is a must
Feb. 19 2018
“We have always used a ‘waterfall’ approach to grouping on the dairy,” shared Marc Etchebarne, nutritionist at Hillrose Dairy
Feb. 12 2018
“The most influential factor in our calf and heifer program that sets up future milk production is a very thorough and strict vaccination protocol,” said Jim Herron
Feb. 5 2018
“In our breeding program, we try to maximize the potential of every mating,” explained Curtis Nolan
Dec. 18 2017
“We were quite thankful to have protection when we had our two barn fires in 2001 and 2014,” shared Dan Natzke of Wayside Dairy in Greenleaf, Wis
Nov. 15 2017
This year's 10th annual Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council Award's competition drew the second largest set of nominations to date from 16 U.S. states, Canada, and Italy
Nov. 15 2016
A record 128 herds were nominated from 18 U.S. states and Canadian provinces for this year’s ninth annual Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council awards competition
Jan. 25 2016
"We are very fortunate to have a great team of employees at Prairie Dairy. We endeavor to hold milking classes multiple times per year to assure that we are correctly and consistently performing our milking...
Jan. 18 2016
Front row (L to R): Jennifer May, Anna Rodas with Olivia and Easton, Macklen Fee and Bob DiCarlo. Back row: John Brown, Greg Guinan, Kevin Moore and John Knopf. "Milk price has no bearing on how we administer...
Jan. 11 2016
Pictured (L to R): Tyler Gaddie, David, Martha and Roger Corbin. "We added more BMR (brown midrib) corn silage to our diets and use fungicide on it," said David Corbin when discussing ways to take full...
Nov. 16 2015
"We use presynch-ovsynch with cows resynched on Day 14," explained Kevin Collins, who is pictured at the far left. "At 35 to 40 DIM, cows are given Lutalyse on a Monday. Two weeks later, we administer...
Nov. 5 2015
This year's Dairy Cattle Reproduction Councils award winners have a great deal of insight to share on how they get cows safe in calf
Feb. 25 2015
64th Annual Hoard's Dairyman Round Table: How these farmers got their start The road to farm ownership is rarely easy, but these four first-generation dairy farms are proof that options exist for young...
Feb. 12 2015
While forage procurement and feeding play a huge role in the success of high-producing herds, they aren't the only factors. Reproduction and milk quality are critical elements, too. Each winter, 24 of...
Feb. 27 2014
The tie stall herds from our February 25, 2014, Round Table have more to share. Earlier this week, the February 25 issue of Hoard's Dairyman hit our readers' mailboxes. On pages 118 to 120, four herds...
March 5 2013
As we wrap-up our 62nd Round Table series, "Robots milk our herds," the four herds featured in our February 25 issue share advise for others considering robots
Feb. 26 2013
Milking and managing cows with robots requires some new management styles. As a follow-up to our February 25 Round Table "Robots milk our herds," these herd owners discuss handling repairs and buying used...
Feb. 7 2013
In our February 10, 2013, issue, four producers from Vermont, New York, Wisconsin and California shared their thoughts on feeding high-forage diets to their herds. With the level of detail these producers...
Jan. 10 2011
61st Annual Hoard's Dairyman Round Table: How the top herds produce high-quality milk Top-quality milk: what it takes Here's a detailed look at the practices of the five Platinum winners in the National...
Jan. 10 2011
Relentless attention to details sets these National Dairy Quality Award winners apart. They're on top of everything from fastidious stall care to meticulous milking and from frequent use of CMT paddles...