Sept. 18 2020
One of my best friends told me she wanted the full farm experience, so I invited her to stay on our acreage and dive into farm life in abundant and not-so-glamorous ways
Sept. 16 2020
A lot of people have asked me how I like home schooling my kids through this pandemic
Sept. 15 2020
For the past week, our farm and family have found ourselves in the path of a wildfire. It’s one of those natural disaster situations you hope and pray you never have to deal with
Sept. 10 2020
Dear K, Remember when you said you would never live on a dairy farm when you grew up? I'll end the suspense — you end up marrying a dairy farmer!
Sept. 8 2020
As I clicked on the LinkedIn website the other day, the first image on my newsfeed was of two people I knew well: a Florida dairy farmer and his youngest daughter
Aug. 28 2020
For the first time in many months, I’ve spent the last two weeks at home with my family. Normally, I am back at school by now, and aside from my normally abbreviated winter break, I don’t normally...
Aug. 27 2020
We started chopping corn silage this week, which provides a great opportunity for our farm kids to help and learn.Is it just me, or are all of the mothers out there feeling a tad overwhelmed
Aug. 26 2020
Today on Facebook, one of the nicest people I know shared a very political post. I cringed as I read it, and then I unwisely skimmed through the comments
Aug. 25 2020
I think we can all agree 2020 has been a little rocky. COVID-19 has transformed what we think of as regular, day-to-day routines into unpredictable days, weeks, and even months
Aug. 21 2020
Back-to-school time is always a season of adjustment for parents and students, and that’s especially true on dairies — many are losing their best help!
Aug. 20 2020
Dellavale Farms is a century farm located in Pattersonville, N.Y. It is run by Terri Phillips and her husband, Tom Nelson, who are the fourth generation on the Phillips’ farm
Aug. 12 2020
Stereotypes and preconceived notions are hard, aren’t they? Society, for whatever reason, wants to classify us. Separate us into groups that make sense
Aug. 11 2020
It was a typical afternoon for my childhood: I’d just gotten home from a volleyball practice, and I needed to feed the heifers
Aug. 4 2020
We recently hosted dairy farmers from New York on our farm in Oregon. I had never met these farmers before, but we had been connected through the Guernsey breed
July 30 2020
Not too long ago, I was inside sipping some ice tea and reading a book, when I paused, looked outside my kitchen window, and smiled
July 29 2020
One of the reasons mental health struggles are running rampant in ag communities is because it’s hard to open up to a professional about our lives when they don’t understand our job
July 21 2020
Summer seems to be the time when farm life can take its greatest toll on our physical and mental health
July 20 2020
Despite the fact that we’re a dwindling part of the population (which is a tragedy through my 25-year-old eyes), I’m always thrilled to come across a fellow farm kid
July 15 2020
“How do you get through the days you don’t want to be at the dairy anymore?” I wasn’t even slightly surprised to get this question from a fellow dairy farmer on Instagram earlier...
July 14 2020
Various authors and studies have likened willpower to a muscle. They have explained that it must be repeatedly practiced before it becomes stronger and the new habit second nature