Jan. 21 2020
In life’s priority list, it can be easy to get wrapped up in what society says we should be doing. Jump on any social network and you can see a ton of advice
Jan. 17 2020
There is no doubt many of us in the dairy industry were ready to see 2019 in the rear view
Jan. 16 2020
I recently listened to Kenny Chesney's song "Don't blink" and tears streamed down my cheeks, because let's be honest, we all can relate just how fast time goes by
Jan. 14 2020
This time of year can seem rather melancholy, especially if you live in a state that experiences winter conditions
Jan. 8 2020
In a 24-hour period, you only have so much time to get things done. On the farm, it seems like you need at least 25!
Jan. 2 2020
I'm probably not alone when I say, "Bring on 2020!" To me, 2020 seems pretty big; a start of a new decade, and hopefully the start of some much-needed good luck for us all
Dec. 17 2019
Just a few months ago, a lifelong dairyman of 50 years suddenly passed away. In reflecting upon the humble farmer who put others and his cattle before himself, the officiant shared his unique perspective...
Dec. 11 2019
If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck . . . It’s going to taste like a duck!
Dec. 10 2019
You know those inspirational posters that hang in classrooms and doctors’ offices? They are there to instill a sense of purpose in those who read them
Dec. 6 2019
There are a lot of farmers out there this year feeling pretty grinchy. Winter is coming, some of us are still harvesting, our finances aren’t getting any better, and with the recent news of Dean’s...
Dec. 5 2019
It’s the time of year to count our blessings. Let me hit rewind for a moment and recap our Thanksgiving
Nov. 29 2019
Has there been too much negative talk about the current state of the dairy industry? Some might think so – especially this week when we’re supposed to express what we’re thankful for
Nov. 26 2019
Another perfect fall day in the Northwest. Sun shining through perfectly colored leaves. A crisp, fresh air without a cloud in the sky
Nov. 25 2019
As the end of each year draws near, people often reflect on the successes and failures of the past and the possibilities for the months to come
Nov. 21 2019
The last day of July I received a phone call from my husband, Scott, that one of our off-site heifers was injured
Nov. 15 2019
Lately, mental health has been a circulating concern and the topic of a lot of conversations
Nov. 13 2019
Oh, this little girl . . . I don’t know what it is, but she is my princess. She’s just over a year old, and she is already a rough and tumble, never quit monster with an eye for accessories...
Nov. 12 2019
Pull into any farmyard and you will likely be welcomed by the farm dog before the farmer. Sometimes those barks belong to the true working dog, other times it’s the family dog or even the little...
Nov. 7 2019
My husband, Scott, has a master plan that generally includes 100 things to get done in a day’s work. Rarely do the stars align so that everything gets checked off
Nov. 6 2019
Everyone has a different definition of what a farmer is. The worst I found came from dictionary.com, and it was, “an unsophisticated person from a rural area.”