Aug. 4 2020
We recently hosted dairy farmers from New York on our farm in Oregon. I had never met these farmers before, but we had been connected through the Guernsey breed
July 30 2020
Not too long ago, I was inside sipping some ice tea and reading a book, when I paused, looked outside my kitchen window, and smiled
July 29 2020
One of the reasons mental health struggles are running rampant in ag communities is because it’s hard to open up to a professional about our lives when they don’t understand our job
July 21 2020
Summer seems to be the time when farm life can take its greatest toll on our physical and mental health
July 20 2020
Despite the fact that we’re a dwindling part of the population (which is a tragedy through my 25-year-old eyes), I’m always thrilled to come across a fellow farm kid
July 15 2020
“How do you get through the days you don’t want to be at the dairy anymore?” I wasn’t even slightly surprised to get this question from a fellow dairy farmer on Instagram earlier...
July 14 2020
Various authors and studies have likened willpower to a muscle. They have explained that it must be repeatedly practiced before it becomes stronger and the new habit second nature
July 7 2020
Thanks to COVID-19 it is looking like all the summer fun has been canceled this year. I was doing alright with the restrictions, after all farm life mostly keeps us at home
July 1 2020
There are a few statistics that are thrown around in the ag community so often that most farmers know them off the top of their head
June 23 2020
Ever had a plan for the week? Ever had a week that actually went according to that plan? It’s a familiar feeling for dairy farmers; this need for flexibility
June 22 2020
In the span of just over a week, my two oldest cows both passed away. Both developed conditions that sprang up and were treated meticulously — only to no avail
June 18 2020
Our wedding anniversary is in June, on Flag Day to be exact, and two of our children were born in June as well. I was even told by my husband, while in labor with our two youngest children, "This isn't...
June 16 2020
Two months. It’s been just over two months since I made the bold step of quitting my full-time, steady, and equally rewarding job as a youth 4-H educator (which I loved, by the way)
June 10 2020
It has happened! I taught a child to drive a tractor (supervised, of course)! I am not sure I could be more proud!
June 9 2020
This tumultuous last week has many feeling a little more than unsteady. The atmosphere in our country as a whole has been polarizing
June 4 2020
Dear Jacob, A decade ago I introduced you to the world with my first "Around the Kitchen Table" column
June 3 2020
My experience has been that animal activists are the worst. They take tiny grains of truth and twist them into the most spectacular lies. It’s annoying but effective
June 2 2020
This time of year typically involves graduation parties and family BBQs to kick off summer. Flowers are in bloom, the grass is getting green, and the corn is growing in early June in the Midwest
May 21 2020
When I look at my soon-to-be 14-year-old daughter, I often think back to myself at that age. Truthfully, though, Cassie oozes so much more confidence than I ever did as a teenager
May 14 2020
Well, it happened this past week. I turned 30 years old and plucked not one but two gray hairs out of my head