Oct. 22 2020
We built what we consider our dream house on our family dairy farm five years ago, and we have settled in quite well
Oct. 16 2020
When fun shenanigans, team camaraderie, and years of dedicated work come together, it has the ability to cement lifelong friendships and a lifestyle you can’t ignore
Oct. 9 2020
‘Tis the season for rambling posts and general unfriendliness on account of political views. As election day grows closer, I am reminded of 2016 and the massive fallouts of that November
Oct. 8 2020
While a lot of people might have Friday night plans, many farmers plans don't include leaving their farm
Oct. 7 2020
I just want to start this by saying that I hate politics for so many reasons. I hate how politicians give off the air of being superior to the rest of us when they technically work for us
Oct. 5 2020
The dairy industry enjoys a rich history full of value and innovation. When those two attributes are joined together, it brings accessible nutrition to people who need it
Sept. 29 2020
Nothing puts into perspective what is truly important like the possibility of losing it all
Sept. 28 2020
After logging 3,400 miles of windshield time through the heart of America’s cropland from September 14 to 18, I came away with this finding — this could be a banner crop year
Sept. 24 2020
My late mother was a fabulous cook. Everyone raved about her meals, and especially all her desserts. Truth be told, she didn't learn to cook until she married my father and soon after had to feed a family...
Sept. 21 2020
Looking for a bit of good news lately? Here is something those of us in agriculture can be proud of: in a recent Gallup poll that asked American adults if they had a positive or negative perception of
Sept. 18 2020
One of my best friends told me she wanted the full farm experience, so I invited her to stay on our acreage and dive into farm life in abundant and not-so-glamorous ways
Sept. 16 2020
A lot of people have asked me how I like home schooling my kids through this pandemic
Sept. 15 2020
For the past week, our farm and family have found ourselves in the path of a wildfire. It’s one of those natural disaster situations you hope and pray you never have to deal with
Sept. 10 2020
Dear K, Remember when you said you would never live on a dairy farm when you grew up? I'll end the suspense — you end up marrying a dairy farmer!
Sept. 8 2020
As I clicked on the LinkedIn website the other day, the first image on my newsfeed was of two people I knew well: a Florida dairy farmer and his youngest daughter
Aug. 28 2020
For the first time in many months, I’ve spent the last two weeks at home with my family. Normally, I am back at school by now, and aside from my normally abbreviated winter break, I don’t normally...
Aug. 27 2020
We started chopping corn silage this week, which provides a great opportunity for our farm kids to help and learn.Is it just me, or are all of the mothers out there feeling a tad overwhelmed
Aug. 26 2020
Today on Facebook, one of the nicest people I know shared a very political post. I cringed as I read it, and then I unwisely skimmed through the comments
Aug. 25 2020
I think we can all agree 2020 has been a little rocky. COVID-19 has transformed what we think of as regular, day-to-day routines into unpredictable days, weeks, and even months
Aug. 21 2020
Back-to-school time is always a season of adjustment for parents and students, and that’s especially true on dairies — many are losing their best help!