June 1 2022
Sometimes, selling a farm is the right decision
May 23 2022
Even when you take time off from your own dairy farm to get away, you wind up stepping foot on another one before you make it back home
May 12 2022
We are very thankful for the working relationships and friendships we have established with our country neighbors
May 5 2022
These creatures reflect the changing of the seasons on our farm
March 11 2022
U.S. Olympian Elle Purrier St. Pierre grew up on a dairy farm and now uses her sport to promote the industry and its products
March 9 2022
As farmers, we hope for consumers to be open-minded enough to listen to what we have to say, but are we open-minded enough to listen to each other?
March 8 2022
We can’t do it all, and that makes life easier and more fulfilling
March 4 2022
Whether playing music on the radio during milking or humming tunes to cows while training them, smooth melodies help keep our cows (and ourselves) calm
Feb. 24 2022
National FFA week celebrates the impact of agricultural education, and you can make a difference in that mission
Feb. 23 2022
Sharing about our non-farm interests helps us connect with others close to us and those looking to us for information
Feb. 8 2022
They may not be glamorous, but we can share what we love about our roles in agriculture to attract others
Jan. 26 2022
Here’s a short account of what depression really feels like so you can better support those around you
Jan. 7 2022
So far this winter, I’ve been donning a cozy knitted headband and the messiest of buns daily. Luckily for my ego, my main companions (our cows) seem to experience their own horrid hair days as well
Dec. 15 2021
Life isn’t always simple and perfect, but that’s what makes it valuable
Nov. 30 2021
Backlogged shipping means we have more reason than ever to support local farmers and businesses
Oct. 12 2021
A new perspective can be one of gratitude
Oct. 6 2021
Though we may run different kinds or sizes of farms, all farmers share the same interest and passion
Sept. 15 2021
Sometimes looking at life from a different angle can totally change your perspective
Sept. 9 2021
Outside vendors can add a bit of excitement and encourage visitors to experience dairy production on your farm
Sept. 8 2021
Sharing when we’re struggling with life can be difficult, but not sharing can be worse