Aug. 7 2023
Financially, things are bad for U.S. dairy farmers. Dairy cow slaughter is up 5.8% year-to-date, and USDA numbers indicate the size of the milking herd fell 16,000 head between May and June
June 29 2023
If you know me, you likely know I am originally from Argentina. One characteristic of people from Argentina is that they frequently use metaphors to describe circumstances
April 10 2023
Financial risk and resiliency are topics on everyone’s mind. These issues leap into the forefront during tax season
March 27 2023
In a recent publication in the Journal of Dairy Science, a group of scientists from Cornell University highlighted the importance of financial resiliency to manage economic risk in dairy farm businesses
Aug. 22 2022
If a dairy farm is a car running on the gasoline that is money, a growing heifer is a racecar driver with its foot to the pedal, using that gas up fast and furiously
Aug. 10 2022
Inflation seems to be everywhere in the economy today. The Consumer Price Index, a broad-based measure of inflation, has risen by nearly 9% over the last 12 months
Aug. 1 2022
For New York dairy farmer Skip Hardie, the last several years can be summed up in one statement. “Our farm went through financial hell for the last six-plus years as I'm sure a lot of your listener
Aug. 1 2022
Adding a new member to a family’s dairy farm business requires careful planning and decision making in many areas, and one of the most vital considerations is the financial position of the farm
July 8 2022
dairy producers are seeing record milk prices due to strong worldwide dairy consumption and milk production not quite able to keep up with that demand. Inflation and many world events are painting an
March 30 2022
In just two years, Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) transformed itself from selling over one-half of its members’ milk to third-party processors to processing two-thirds of its own milk
Jan. 14 2022
Running a dairy farm means there is a lot to think about . . . animal health and welfare, nutrition and production, labor issues, finances and capital investment decisions, controlling costs
Jan. 13 2022
Despite all the challenges the pandemic brought to 2020 and 2021, overall farm income ended up looking better than one might expect
Sept. 2 2021
The combination of higher feed costs and falling milk prices induced the largest payments so far this year for USDA’s dairy insurance program
Sept. 2 2021
When considering the acquisition of a long-term asset, a farmer is analyzing a capital investment. Dairy farms have multiple and diverse situations in which a capital investment needs to be evaluated
Aug. 15 2021
In my April 25, 2021, column titled, “Keep an eye on the five major farm risks,” I introduced the “Five categories of risk” that farmers face
March 4 2021
Oklahoma State University created a model that compares business and estate transition strategies and the probability of success
Nov. 16 2020
Dairy farming is increasingly characterized by growing farm sizes and more levels of uncertainty
Nov. 5 2020
“We really like the dairy business, so we want to stay in it.”
Sept. 14 2020
What makes a dairy profitable? There are many potential answers, but one in particular rose to the top in Cornell University’s recently completed Dairy Farm Business Summary. It’s what Cornell...
Sept. 14 2020
The current economic context implies a high level of market uncertainty. But overall, the farm economic climate is better than expected. The CME/Purdue “Ag Economy Barometer” reports that...