June 24 2019
A new bill was introduced in Congress earlier this month with the intention of helping young people who want to farm pay off student loans
Jan. 21 2019
With losses ranging from 8 cents in California’s San Joaquin Valley to $2.72 per hundredweight in Arizona, most West Coast dairy farmers are facing the dire economic conditions
Dec. 24 2018
As the dairy markets are showing little sign of improvement, the rest of the economy also has begun to show worrying signs
Dec. 24 2018
One of the biggest hurdles for young people interested in entering dairy farming is the incredibly high investment required
Dec. 10 2018
Low milk prices and cash flow issues were the top two concerns of agriculture lenders attending the Siouxland Agricultural Lenders Seminar in November
Sept. 3 2018
The financial revitalization that the dairy industry so gratefully welcomed in 2014 is just a distant memory in 2018
Aug. 28 2018
New! This book serves as an approachable resource to understanding and improving agricultural business management
March 12 2018
At $2.2 million per farm, equity positions reached a new pinnacle for U.S. dairy farmers in 2016
Feb. 26 2018
Across the Midwest, bankers reported worsening financial and credit conditions for the agricultural sector, as indicated by higher loan demand and lower repayment rates
Dec. 15 2017
In many cases, the milk check revenue has not inflated as fast as the expense side of the ledger
Nov. 27 2017
Previously, a financial analysis system called “DuPont” was introduced that assesses profitability through three primary levers
July 31 2017
Since the end of 2015, the Federal Reserve interest rate has increased by 1 percent
June 19 2017
I have always been fascinated to hear what dairy owners think about people who just drop in to see them. Once in a while someone says they don’t mind
April 25 2017
Not too long ago, my siblings and I finalized our late parents’ estate. It has been a long journey from the time our mother passed away six years ago. Eighteen months later, we moved our dad o
April 3 2017
The financial performance of dairy farms in 2016 was far less favorable than it was in 2015, and, of course, both are easily less favorable than 2014
Sept. 28 2015
For those who believe in preparing for a rainy day, it might be time to initiate those plans . . . if you already haven't done so
Jan. 13 2015
Running a business has a lot to do with building and maintaining relationships, and for a farm, an extremely important relationship is the one with their lender. The foundation of that relationship is...
Sept. 25 2014
In this volatile commodity business of milking cows, it is a relief to have a period of time when the income is higher than the expenses
Aug. 25 2014
This volatile business of milking cows has rewarded many of its caretakers with handsome returns. We always must remember this is a business demands a great deal of capital, planning, time and good old-fashioned...
March 25 2014
Recently, there have been a lot of comments, papers and seminars using the general phrase "Precision Farming." We have all marveled at the global positioning satellite (GPS) technology that was introduced...