Sept. 23 2021
In May, the U.S. dairy herd expanded to its highest level in 27 years, climbing to over 9.5 million head
Sept. 2 2021
Most dairy producers are likely familiar with the basic function of a methane digester: processing manure into energy sources
Aug. 16 2021
When talking about dairy cattle rations, it would be easy to assume that net energy for lactation (NEL) refers to the energy in a diet that is used to produce milk
June 22 2021
Enel Green Power North America, Inc. and HP Hood LLC today announced an agreement for Hood to purchase 90 GWh of wind energy each year, making it one of the only dairy companies in the U.S. to execute
June 21 2021
Mike Berget began no-till farming because he saw the conservation practice as a way to make the soil healthier and, at the same time, improve his farm’s bottom line
June 25 2018
Crave Brothers Farm in Waterloo, Wis., has grown and changed over the years
March 20 2017
Solar energy systems are affordable in northern climates
Aug. 17 2015
A buyer's market, at least for the time being, has returned to the crude oil price world. The complete list of reasons why is no doubt much longer, but I'll stick to a few basic ones I understand: 1. Fuel...
April 10 2015
While MILC would have likely paid out more in 2015, MPP-Dairy should prove the better long-run solution now that 40 percent of corn goes toward ethanol production
March 8 2013
A firsthand look at what dairies are already doing to make, save and reduce energy use will be on display March 19 at Ballard Family Dairy and Cheese in Gooding, Idaho
March 28 2012
This year's conference "Got Manure?" featured a preconference tour of three New York digester systems. Methane digester interest continues to grow, as a near capacity crowd filled the conference room at...
March 16 2012
Fifty-four hundred miles is practically next door when the topic is the 2012 U.S. ethanol market outlook. That's roughly the distance from Iowa, the largest corn-producing state in the U.S., to Brazil,...
Feb. 9 2012
With a smaller-than-anticipated corn crop, how do we balance domestic, global, and industry needs for corn? The first ethanol-run vehicle was developed in Philadelphia in 1826. Therefore, we would not...
Oct. 28 2011
Too cheap for too long, dairy producers have tended to take energy costs for granted. But no more. If the U.S. gas shortages of 1973 and 1979 were warnings of things to come, $4 diesel is proof that the...
Aug. 19 2011
USDA expects ethanol to use the biggest share of 2011 crop. For the first time ever, ethanol plants are expected to use more of the nation's corn crop in 2011 than livestock producers do. If that happens,...
June 10 2011
It's just a tiny trickle so far, but solar power projects are slowly beginning to pop up on Western dairies. The latest one to begin generating electricity for the power grid is a big one, more than 200...
May 20 2011
Opposition to the federal government's seemingly single-minded support of ethanol production as a solution to help the U.S. become more energy self-sufficient reached a new boiling point last week, with...
May 18 2011
While at the sixth annual AgSTAR conference last week, Jerry Bingold had plenty to announce. First, he explained all the initiatives that the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy was taking part in, and they...
May 11 2011
At the Environmental Protection Agency's AgSTAR ( conference this week, we will hear from experts on the latest and greatest things happening with anaerobic digesters. Yesterday,...