March 4 2024
Looking forward to this year’s growing season, farmers often wonder what kind of weather challenges they will face
Oct. 19 2023
Late last week, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) extended the deadline to sign up for the Milk Loss Program to the day before Halloween
Sept. 14 2023
For farms that lost milk income due to weather events the past few years, a recently announced U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) program will offer some relief
June 22 2023
The weather has become far more than a topic for small talk these days
Aug. 11 2022
Thunderstorms provide welcome relief for us and the cows when summer heat becomes oppressing
Dec. 20 2021
It can seem difficult — or almost impossible — to keep water in front of calves in cold weather without having to deal with frozen buckets
May 29 2019
Dear God, I know we pray for rain all the time, but will you please shut it off! We need to get corn in the ground and the corrals will not dry!
Sept. 10 2018
Up until about two weeks ago, the Upper Midwest and Northeast were rushing toward maturity with warm temperatures and relatively dry conditions
April 25 2018
Wallman Dairy asked builders to pour the curbs with a curved top, rather than a flat one, so that feed and moisture will roll off of the curbs rather than settle on top of it
Oct. 23 2017
Henk de Vor’s ability to make a quick assessment and take decisive action was put to the full test on June 22 and 23, 2015, after a tornado ripped apart his dairy
Oct. 16 2017
Florida dairy farmers could lose $12 million due to Hurricane Irma.
July 17 2017
A severe hailstorm ripped through northeast Wisconsin’s dairy country on July 7. In certain areas of Manitowoc County, the corn crop looked more like sugarcane plants
May 29 2017
Resilient. The word accurately describes dairy producers across the country as they contend with the never-ending fluctuations of milk prices and weather challenges
May 16 2017
We graze our Guernsey herd for as many months out of the year as the Oregon weather allows. In a normal year this season lasts from the beginning of April through October
Dec. 16 2016
We all have those days where nothing seems to go right on the farm, especially during the harsh winter months
Oct. 18 2016
Let’s be honest, Mother Nature can be one of a dairy farmer’s worst enemies. The unpredictable power and ability to literally make or break us, gives us a great amount of respect
April 28 2016
Spring can bring a wide array of weather conditions . . . prepare now so you're ready if severe storms hit. Spring is in the air, but with it can come some not so pleasant weather. While we are happy...
Dec. 22 2014
Coping with last year's extreme temperatures wasn't easy. In our December issue, we caught up with four dairy producers from among North America's coldest dairy regions to see how they kept their farms...
Dec. 15 2014
"We have a tendency to have a disastrous year in agriculture every 19 years, on average," noted Elwynn Taylor, an agricultural meteorologist with Iowa State University. Weather can make or break in agriculture....
Nov. 24 2014
Make no bones about it; winter has arrived. The season's early onset, on the heels of a late growing season, has created its share of problems, as corn silage acres across the Midwest are left standing....