Oct. 25 2018
When I look at the definition of patience,Merriam-Webster says this about being patient: bearing pains or trials calmly or without complaint; manifesting forbearance under provocation or strain; not hasty...
Oct. 10 2018
I like to think that if I was older and wiser, answers would surface and the decisions I need to make would become more obvious. We are at a crossroads here at Bohnert Jerseys. My guess is that many o
Sept. 25 2018
Walking through a boggy section of pasture or swampy wetland, landowners in the Northeast may never see one of its oldest inhabitants — the bog turtle. At only 4 inches across, it’s also one...
Aug. 10 2018
Karen BohnertWe get 18 summers with our children. Sometimes when I hear that, I think that is not enough. But, then there have been times when I honestly question how in the world will I make it throu
July 15 2018
Since his grandfather had a cottage by the Chesapeake Bay, Duane’s family spent summer holidays there. It was only natural that Duane and I followed suit with our children
June 25 2018
The Hoard’s Dairyman Facebook page received an inquiry about the sign below. Perhaps, you’ve seen it before
June 15 2018
Little did I know many moons ago I would end up setting the stage for my very own wedding proposal
June 15 2018
Working in a dairy barn for more than 35 years has a way of taking a toll on one’s body. A few years ago, Philip began to struggle with severe arthritis, shoulder pain, foot problems including hammer...
June 11 2018
While silage is not being packed this time of year, the feed storage area is still a dangerous place
May 25 2018
Rene Boardman, the fifth generation of family members to live and work on Carlwood Farm LLC in Canaan, Conn., said, “It was a cow’s kick that sent my usually healthy mom to the doctor
May 10 2018
What causes stress for farmers and farm families? The list could be endless for most people who work in agriculture
May 10 2018
Mom, it’s been 2,555 days since you left us. But who is counting? It’s cliché, but the saying, “There isn’t a day that goes by without me thinking of you,” is so true
April 25 2018
I hate crawling under an electric fence. The thought of catching myself on the wire is not a pleasant one, and I would much rather walk around the meadow to a gate before taking a shortcut
April 10 2018
Karen Bohnert Not too long ago, my 11-year-old daughter, Cassie, was playing basketball. As an opposing player was trying to throw the ball in to another player, Cassie was guarding her, wildly j
March 21 2018
Nurturing the next generation of dairy farmers is time well spent
March 16 2018
Marilyn HersheyOur farm sits right beside a township road. In fact, the road runs right between the main farm and our numerous calf hutches, so we cross the road several times a day. Duane and
March 10 2018
The new year is now two months under our belt. How many of you have kept up on your New Year’s resolutions? The simple resolutions I vowed to work on, and I am thankfully still working on today
March 9 2018
When you laugh, the whole body relaxes. Lyndy Phillips said that one minute of laughter boosts the immune system for 24 hours.
March 1 2018
So here is saluting you, Robert Morris Davidson, a man who I am blessed and honored to call both my father and my life coach. Today, we celebrate you by moving heifers as a family unit and coming inside...
Feb. 27 2018
A couple years ago, after we realized that the Margin Protection Program for Dairy (MPP-Dairy) wasn’t going to offer us any meaningful protection, we created our own self-funded insura