Feb. 20 2018
There’s no shame in taking a mental health day to get away from the daily stress of dairying
Dec. 22 2017
Earlier this month, I flew to Oregon to milk cows while my dad had surgery. I had instructions and milked with him from start to finish for three days prior to his departure
Dec. 20 2017
My Christmas list is rather short this year . . . the only gift I’d really like is to spend time with my family
Oct. 1 2017
Marilyn Hershey I was told several times in my youth to “dream big.” I do not remember having a ton of aspirations, but I know that one of my childhood dreams came true
Sept. 25 2017
Karen Bohnert My now second grade son, Jacob, came home last year with homework — for his mom! I was asked to write one short story to describe Jacob. Where do I even begin?
Sept. 10 2017
Marilyn HersheyDuane’s father stops by the farm several times a week, just to check up on what we are doing that day and to see if there is anything new happening
Aug. 10 2017
Marilyn Hershey Acronyms are a huge part of our lives. We have been using acronyms on our farms for as long as I can remember. It feels like BMPs, SOPs, and NRCS have always been in our language
June 22 2016
As caretakers of animals . . . whether farm animals or companion animals . . . we often face tough decisions. When an animal is ill or injured, it's our great responsibility to decide if we can to save...
Sept. 14 2015
Over Labor Day weekend, I checked milking in a tie stall barn off my bucket list. Hoard's Dairyman editors stay close to the business of dairying through involvement on their home farms and the Hoard's...