Feb. 25 2021
In a chapter of life filled with love and sacrifice, allow your heart to take in the small glittering moments of motherhood
Feb. 22 2021
Our farm has been able to keep running despite the nasty winter weather that’s hit this month
Feb. 19 2021
Whether it’s extreme heat in the summer, extended rainy periods in the spring, or plummeting temperatures in the winter, weather dictates every animal’s needs and a farmer’s daily routine
Feb. 18 2021
Be willing to stay updated on issues across the country and around the world, because how it is being dealt with might come in handy for your farm one day
Feb. 17 2021
It’s never my intention to screw up, but when I do, I know the situation will be handled in a good-natured way. We try to make light of a bad situation
Feb. 15 2021
Anxiety and depression linked to farm stress can help explain why agriculture has one of the highest suicide rates. Learn what to look for, how to address mental health struggles in yourself and others,...
Feb. 8 2021
One thing my husband, Duane, and I have noticed over the years is the significant impact of a state university. We especially see it when there is a group of farmers gathered
Jan. 13 2021
If anything good has come from 2020, it is that essential workers finally had a spotlight shined on them
Dec. 29 2020
Soon after Duane and I started our farming career, we had a great opportunity to take a financial class that was organized through our church
Dec. 15 2020
About this time last year, I had the notion that if I just made it to 2020, life would be so much better. I was anxious to turn the page and put 2019 behind us
Dec. 10 2020
it was a beautiful fall day. Earlier that morning we had started covering the bunker silo first, and then a stack of corn silage, with plastic and tires
Nov. 15 2020
I am an open book. Or at least my life is an open book, or so I have been told. Through this column and in my blogs, followers get an open glimpse of my dairy farm life
Oct. 25 2020
With several farms sprinkled throughout the countryside, it is not uncommon to drive down the road and see signs offering “Free kittens.”Farmers know, when there are two cats, many will quickly...
Oct. 10 2020
What’s your life’s road map? You know, how did you get from Point A to Point B? Most of us have more than two pins on the map, or at least I do
Sept. 25 2020
When our cows need something, they tell us. Although it is not with words, their verbal communication is easy to understand
Sept. 10 2020
we are all missing our people. Our tribe. Our community. As I write this column, we now are approaching five months of this new normal, and quite honestly, it feels anything but normal
Aug. 25 2020
Resilience has always been a word that embodies farmers. I have heard this stated numerous times but never more frequently than in the past six months
Aug. 10 2020
i recently traveled home from American Jersey Cattle Association (AJCA) board meetings in Columbus, Ohio
June 19 2020
when it comes to farm safety, the entire farm team must have their eyes wide open. Being raised on a dairy farm was one of the best parts of my childhood. My upbringing was etched so deeply
April 27 2020
It has been four years since my father left this earth for a better view from above. I miss him deeply, and I wonder what advice he and my late mother would offer us during these difficult times