Oct. 12 2020
With several farms sprinkled throughout the countryside, it is not uncommon to drive down the road and see signs offering “Free kittens.”Farmers know, when there are two cats, many will quickly...
Sept. 30 2020
What’s your life’s road map? You know, how did you get from Point A to Point B? Most of us have more than two pins on the map, or at least I do
Sept. 9 2020
When our cows need something, they tell us. Although it is not with words, their verbal communication is easy to understand
Aug. 25 2020
we are all missing our people. Our tribe. Our community. As I write this column, we now are approaching five months of this new normal, and quite honestly, it feels anything but normal
Aug. 21 2020
Resilience has always been a word that embodies farmers. I have heard this stated numerous times but never more frequently than in the past six months
July 17 2020
i recently traveled home from American Jersey Cattle Association (AJCA) board meetings in Columbus, Ohio
June 19 2020
when it comes to farm safety, the entire farm team must have their eyes wide open. Being raised on a dairy farm was one of the best parts of my childhood. My upbringing was etched so deeply
April 27 2020
It has been four years since my father left this earth for a better view from above. I miss him deeply, and I wonder what advice he and my late mother would offer us during these difficult times
April 25 2020
There is a lot of talk about viruses these days. I respect the serious response that people are paying to coronavirus. I would rather have precautionary measures put in place than potential
April 17 2020
Their musical talent brought them together on a stage in Nashville, but their shared backgrounds — dairy farms, large families, and a love for music
March 27 2020
The author and her family own and operate a sixth-generation dairy farm near St. Johns, Mich. transitioning the farm business from one generation to the next takes a great deal of personal, business
March 26 2020
Are you stuck? Is sad your go-to emotion? I realize these are heavy questions, but I encourage all of you, like I encourage myself, to ask yourself these questions
March 20 2020
I keep hearing the message that “Cows are destroying the planet.” I have heard that ridiculous phrase more times than I care to in the past few months
March 10 2020
The challenge of raising kids in today’s day and age is so different than it was 30 years ago. Growing up as a child in the 1980s, we watched “Family Ties” and “Little House on...
Feb. 25 2020
I do not care if a farmer has one cow or 10,000 cows; cows are loved, appreciated, and admired. Dairy farmers far and wide have a deep respect for the animals in their barn
Feb. 10 2020
My favorite book is “Tuesdays with Morrie.” It was a book given to me decades ago by a treasured, life-long friend after my brother had passed
Jan. 16 2020
Marilyn Hershey This month, my parents celebrate 60 years of marriage. They have spent twice as many years together as they have apart. I have wonderful memories growing up on our Pennsylvan
Jan. 10 2020
A new year, a new decade, and a new start. I think I’m not alone when I say, “Bring on 2020!” 2019 was a year that had more downturns than upswings and more challenges than answers
Jan. 6 2020
The holidays are one of my dad’s favorite times. It might be that all of his children are home or all the sweet treats my sister makes. But, I think it is the chance to hear from friends and family
Dec. 12 2019
When the kids were still living at home, one of our traditions was to read through the Christmas story before we opened gifts. It helped bring all of us back to the central reason our family celebrate