Nov. 16 2023
Fall can be an especially hectic time for farmers, with crops to harvest and manure to move, plus all the regular day-to-day work. This can mean long days, short nights, and a lack of much-needed sleep
Nov. 14 2023
One of the more popular songs, “My Favorite Things,” is one that I heard many times over the years and can easily be pulled into my head
Sept. 29 2023
Considering that about 98% of U.S. farms are family owned, it’s no wonder the fall season on the farm includes lots of kids
Sept. 26 2023
Do you ever have something just click for you? So much of what we do in our lives is really based on our mental perception — what we can grasp in our brains and then practically implicate
Sept. 13 2023
The author and her husband, Duane, own and operate a 550-cow dairy in Cochranville, Pa.Someone recently told me, “What we do a lot of, we typically do well.”
Aug. 31 2023
Do you ever sit around your farm shop and listen to the old men talk? I have heard many stories from the second and third generations of the farm, discussing the way it use to be, or things that had happened...
Aug. 29 2023
It’s the last week of summer here in the Pacific Northwest, or so the calendar says. That’s because our kids will return to school after Labor Day
Aug. 23 2023
Do you ever have to remind yourself that you chose this life? I knew exactly what I was getting into, and I still chose this
Aug. 18 2023
As we were moving some cows and heifers to our calving pen today, it hit me that the cattle we were moving all have due dates further out than my own
Aug. 9 2023
Have you ever met one of those people who never seem to have anything going wrong?
Aug. 8 2023
There are many articles and studies about “impostor syndrome” and its impact on women
Aug. 1 2023
Recently I saw a picture of a 4-H sign that read, “We don’t have kids to help raise our livestock. We have livestock to help raise our kids.”
July 26 2023
Okay, this week’s article is going to be a little different. Honestly, I just want to complain for a few minutes
July 12 2023
As fast as agriculture is changing, some things have stayed the same. Most farms — over 90% — are still family owned and operated
July 12 2023
By the time you read this article, I will be sitting under a shade tree with my feet propped up, sipping on a large chocolate milkshake
July 11 2023
I grew up in a house that was busy. That’s just the nature of dairy farming
May 29 2023
A farm can be a great place to raise children
May 26 2023
Between an impending visit from the inspector, Mother’s Day passing us by, and some upcoming events we want to have the farm in top shape for, we’ve been taking any chance we get to do extra...
May 23 2023
What is it about farm kids and mud puddles? They’re like moths to a flame!
May 15 2023
I used to have a poster in my office that said, “Everything I learned, I learned from a cow.”