March 30 2023
The combination of spring in the air and the Easter holiday in our midst brings about the welcoming of so much life
Feb. 21 2023
Dr. George Heersche taught us that details matter to the health of the whole.
Sept. 29 2022
We’ve all heard the cliché, “Great minds think alike,” but have you ever stopped and really thought about that phrase?
Sept. 26 2022
The world sure has changed over the last one hundred or so years, and we can easily tell that by looking at the progression that has occurred in agriculture
Sept. 26 2022
Calcium is one of the many attributes of milk that we often share when promoting the consumption of dairy products
Sept. 21 2022
Shedding our stereotypes of agriculture is the only way for consumers to recognize its value, too
Aug. 30 2022
Caring for our cows is the top responsibility of dairy farmers, and that leads to a few special animals.dairy, Animal Care
July 22 2022
Although unloading small square bales of hay is a hot, tiresome, and dreaded task by us all, it also brings back cherished memories from life as a farm kid and heartwarming thoughts of generations that...
June 24 2022
In the hustle and bustle of busy summers on the farm, we often forget how lucky we are to do what we do every day. It’s the moments we take to invite others into our world that give us newfoun
June 16 2022
A heat wave swept across the nation this week, bringing humidity and extremely hot weather to both northern and southern parts of the country
June 8 2022
i do not remember a time when I did not identify myself as a farm girl. Even when I was a young child, the farm was my security
March 29 2022
There has been more than a fair share of struggle in the last few years. We are no strangers to the stress and, well, basically plain craziness and unpredictability of the dairy industry. Carryi
Feb. 21 2022
Raising their family on the farm is an added benefit of the job that many dairy farmer parents cherish. Often, it allows and encourages farm owners to think about what the future of the farm may hold
Feb. 3 2022
We’re happiest at home in our old farmhouse that is surrounded by cattle murmurs, country fields, and starlit skies, so it was the perfect backdrop for a marriage proposal
Feb. 1 2022
Time for a vacation is difficult for farm families, but it pays off
Nov. 12 2021
Steven and Connie Schmitt’s commitment, passion, and hard work as a farming couple is evidenced by a collection of aerial farm photos proudly displayed
Sept. 16 2021
Farmers rely on nature to provide what we need to do our job
Aug. 20 2021
we recently observed Veterinary Appreciation Day. This day just happened to fall a day before we laid to rest the first and finest veterinarian that served our farm
Aug. 10 2021
Just getting by during the pandemic can only be our mindset for so long
July 23 2021
With a small, four person staff strictly made up of family, formal business meetings are replaced by spontaneous planning sessions in passing, at the dinner table, or while working cattle on our dairy...