Nov. 12 2021
Steven and Connie Schmitt’s commitment, passion, and hard work as a farming couple is evidenced by a collection of aerial farm photos proudly displayed
Sept. 16 2021
Farmers rely on nature to provide what we need to do our job
Aug. 20 2021
we recently observed Veterinary Appreciation Day. This day just happened to fall a day before we laid to rest the first and finest veterinarian that served our farm
Aug. 10 2021
Just getting by during the pandemic can only be our mindset for so long
July 23 2021
With a small, four person staff strictly made up of family, formal business meetings are replaced by spontaneous planning sessions in passing, at the dinner table, or while working cattle on our dairy...
May 7 2021
A gifted athlete, Sara Haag played soccer, T-ball, field hockey, track, and basketball. She was a skilled player and a dedicated teammate who has loved playing sports since she was 4 years old
April 13 2021
several years ago, Duane and I took advantage of a cost share program with our county conservation organization
April 6 2021
My parents sold their milking cows a few weeks ago. It was actually just a few days before my family was headed to visit them for spring break
April 2 2021
For generations of Schmitt men (my grandpa, dad, brother, and hopefully, my nephews), their hands have told the story of dairy farming
April 1 2021
Providing A.I. services for hobby farms has become a fun side job for me
April 1 2021
my mother often tells the story of when she was a young child and went on a trip with her sister, mother, aunt, and two cousins
March 30 2021
You can’t pour passion from an empty cup
March 26 2021
As women, we are farmers, farmer’s daughters, farmer’s wives, and so many other things, but that does not dictate our roles or capabilities
March 25 2021
These sights, smells, and experiences are what I love most about life on the farm
March 24 2021
Farming with family is not always easy, but we can make it work
March 18 2021
I saw a Facebook post the other day from an old college friend that said if you don’t believe that there is still sexism in 2021, then feel free to walk with her into a variety of presumably male-dominated...
March 15 2021
Family farms continue to be the backbone of our food production system and many rural communities
March 11 2021
A year later, the COVID-19 pandemic still reminds us of the blessings farm life provides
March 10 2021
A decade ago, I received the news that my mother had gained her angel wings. That day is forever etched in my brain and heart as if it were yesterday
March 8 2021
A Georgia family was able grant their farm’s patriarch one last wish after his passing