Oct. 23 2019
Agriculture is hard right now. Not just financially or physically, but emotionally and mentally, too. As hard as it is to talk to our families, sometimes it’s even harder to talk to professionals...
Oct. 17 2019
It does not matter where I go — the farm is always in the back of my mind. At any given moment, I will see something in my travels and instantly the cows push their way to the front of my mind
Oct. 8 2019
Back in the spring of 2015, my daughter, Cassie, picked out her fall show calf, Gillie. Her older brother, Tyler, had already selected his calf in the fall, one that went back to his beloved Blackstone...
Sept. 19 2019
Lyme disease has been diagnosed in every state in the U.S. except Hawaii, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Lyme disease cases are more concentrated in the Northeast and Upper Midwest
Sept. 14 2019
One of the beautiful benefits of working on the farm is having an unfiltered view of the sky
Sept. 11 2019
How many people have you heard utter that sentence? I feel like once a day someone in my vicinity says it out loud. Imagine it, your perfect vacation. Maybe it’s a sandy beach at some fancy re
Aug. 21 2019
One of my most treasured childhood pastimes was to dress up the newest litter of kittens in baby clothes. I certainly did not need a collection of baby dolls when I had living, breathing, responsive kittens
Aug. 19 2019
For most 17-year-old teenagers, managing the family business and finances is not the first thing that crosses their mind in the morning. The same held true for Michael Oosten . . . until his father unexpectedly...
Aug. 1 2019
Twenty-five years ago, I graduated high school. I couldn’t leave central Oregon fast enough; not because I had a bad childhood, but because I always knew my life was destined for somewhere else....
July 11 2019
Rest is one of those things we don’t always talk about. Honestly, I almost feel a twinge of guilt when I do talk about it. I am not convinced that life was always this way
June 1 2019
Despite living in the home of John Deere and being surrounded by hundreds of acres of corn, my three children — Tyler, 15; Cassie, 13; and Jacob, 9 — are a minority
May 28 2019
Comparison is the thief of joy. Let’s enjoy the gifts of this dairy lifestyle
May 25 2019
Several years ago, I found out that I am allergic to cow dander. It is not an intense allergy but rather a nuisance that includes itchy eyes, sneezing, a stuffy nose, and a lot of clearing my throat
May 9 2019
John F. Kennedy once said, “Don’t pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men.” I often think of these words when I pray before bed. I ask for the strength to endure what lies ahead....
April 12 2019
There is something about working together on a farm that helps families get along, work through differences, and respect each other at the end of the day, even when life goes a little sideways
April 3 2019
As a mother to three children, I give advice pretty regularly. And lately, the dialogue has been talking about future careers
March 20 2019
Light at the end of the tunnel.” “This too shall pass.” “Keep your head up.” “Hang in there.” These are common phrases in the current dairy climate
March 20 2019
A few months ago, something caught my eye. One of our older cows calved with a nice heifer calf, and a day or so later, the cow’s daughter calved as a first-calf heifer
March 10 2019
My father would have turned 79 years old at the end of last month. He is missed daily. Those that knew him, knew his laughter and his big smile
Feb. 20 2019
One thing I have always admired about my husband, Duane, is his ability to run a meeting smoothly and effortlessly. Orchestrating a boardroom is a skill he learned while participating on the FFA