Nov. 5 2018
“I walk the pens three times a day — after morning chores, noon, and after night chores. Usually during those calm times of the day, I can catch most of the active cows,” said Jeffrey...
Jan. 1 2018
“Every cow receives prostaglandin at 10 days in milk (DIM) to help clean up the uterus,” explained Jeff McNeely of his farm’s prebreeding protocols and presynchronization program
Dec. 26 2017
“Team JZB . . . our “in-house” team breeds cows at Jer-Z-Boys Ranch,” commented Gary de Graaf when responding to the question “Who breeds cows on your farm?”
Dec. 18 2017
“I walk the pens three times a day, after morning chores, noon, and after night chores,” said Jeff McNeely of his commitment to his family’s dairy herd
Dec. 11 2017
What are the most important metrics that the nation’s top herds use to monitor reproduction?
Nov. 27 2017
“We ultrasound cows at 33 days carried calf to determine pregnancy. Pregnant cows are given a second ultrasound at 60 days carried calf to confirm pregnancy, determine fetal sex, and to check for...
Nov. 20 2017
“Our voluntary waiting period or VWP is 77 days for all cows. A few years ago, we backed up the VWP almost a full week,” explained Jeff McNeely. “After moving it back, we haven’t...
Nov. 13 2017
“All heifers are bred four times and flagged as a do not breed (DNB) on our Dairy Comp 305 computer program after their fourth breeding. If open, they are sold,” explained Kurt Wierda