Feb. 11 2021
A lot of volatility has been occurring in the commodity markets during the last couple of months
Dec. 24 2020
Feed is a major expense on any dairy farm, so it is critical to select ingredients for the ration that make nutritional and financial sense
Aug. 6 2020
What area of your dairy received the most scrutiny as you looked to tighten your budgets?
Dec. 9 2019
With the milk price component of the Dairy Margin Coverage (DMC) calculation climbing for the tenth consecutive month in October, and margin levels above the $9.50 threshold since August, the fact that...
Oct. 8 2018
New USDA milk production costs tell a vastly different story down on the farm
Aug. 20 2018
In this dairy climate, the appeal of capturing the “easy money” items on a dairy is strong. And in some cases, it truly is easy money
Dec. 18 2017
The West may be alfalfa country, but proximity doesn’t mean lower prices for its hay-buying dairies
Nov. 20 2017
At the mid-year point, only two of the eight dairy regions serviced by Frazer Certified Public Accountants and Consultants posted negative returns