Sept. 2 2021
The combination of higher feed costs and falling milk prices induced the largest payments so far this year for USDA’s dairy insurance program
Aug. 16 2021
Accurately calculating the costs associated with operating a dairy farm is critical to evaluating if management practices and changes are worth their investment and helping the farm turn a profit
Aug. 16 2021
USDA’s August World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) report provides the first look at survey-based yield estimates for this year’s corn crop
June 10 2021
Dairy farmers are facing higher corn and soybean meal prices in 2021. Corn has moved from $3 a bushel to over $6 a bushel while soybean meal is up $100 a ton
June 10 2021
When purchasing a new truck, you recognize that different trim levels, accessories, and engine displacements are factors that contribute to the vehicle’s value
April 22 2021
As corn and soybean prices continue to climb upward, farmers may have some difficult decisions to make when it comes to rations for the dairy herd
Feb. 11 2021
A lot of volatility has been occurring in the commodity markets during the last couple of months
Dec. 24 2020
Feed is a major expense on any dairy farm, so it is critical to select ingredients for the ration that make nutritional and financial sense
Aug. 6 2020
What area of your dairy received the most scrutiny as you looked to tighten your budgets?
Dec. 9 2019
With the milk price component of the Dairy Margin Coverage (DMC) calculation climbing for the tenth consecutive month in October, and margin levels above the $9.50 threshold since August, the fact that...
Oct. 8 2018
New USDA milk production costs tell a vastly different story down on the farm
Aug. 20 2018
In this dairy climate, the appeal of capturing the “easy money” items on a dairy is strong. And in some cases, it truly is easy money
Dec. 18 2017
The West may be alfalfa country, but proximity doesn’t mean lower prices for its hay-buying dairies
Nov. 20 2017
At the mid-year point, only two of the eight dairy regions serviced by Frazer Certified Public Accountants and Consultants posted negative returns