Dec. 10 2020
Raising heifers economically isn’t just about feed prices, as herd management practices can make a big impact on the bottom line
Nov. 23 2020
Though feeding a dairy heifer makes up the largest single cost of raising it, that still can become a lower priority
Nov. 12 2020
To do the best job possible at growing heifers, farmers need to track growth, monitor body condition scores, and consider industry benchmarking
Oct. 19 2020
The true cost of raising replacement heifers is difficult to determine, although every dairy farmer realizes it’s a significant investment
July 6 2020
Whether building brand new or repurposing an old building, there are certain details that should not be overlooked when it comes to heifer housing
March 23 2020
With the value of Holstein bull calves at rock bottom the last several years, many farms are looking toward the use of beef semen
Feb. 25 2019
The rush to calve heifers young is likely costing dairy producers thousands of pounds of lifetime milk production, said a Utah nutritionist and consultant
Feb. 18 2019
A cow’s productive life doesn’t just begin when it starts producing milk
Feb. 4 2019
In tight economic times, everything comes under the radar, and heifer care and growth has been no exception. We’ve written both about raising healthy heifers more quickly and managing heifer inventories...
Dec. 3 2018
The transition period after weaning can be one of the most stressful times in a heifer’s life
Nov. 26 2018
Age at first calving is the biggest factor affecting the total cost of raising heifers, and reproduction is a key factor in managing calving age
Oct. 1 2018
There’s a feeding strategy that allows you to put less feed in front of heifers, improve their feed efficiency, reduce nutrient excretion, and save you money
Aug. 20 2018
On many farms, one of the least intensively managed groups on the farm is the pregnant heifers
July 30 2018
By most accounts, heifer rearing is the second- or third-largest cost category on dairy farms
July 23 2018
“If you want 99-plus percent of calves to live, follow the ‘big four’ at calving,” shared Lane Sollenberger with those attending the First International Conference of Calf and Heifer...
May 28 2018
Most farms raise every heifer calf that is born. That served many of us well in the past. Extra heifers fueled expansion, replaced older cows, or were sold to generate income
Feb. 12 2018
“The most influential factor in our calf and heifer program that sets up future milk production is a very thorough and strict vaccination protocol,” said Jim Herron