Nov. 9 2023
You can’t spend much time in the dairy social media world lately without knowing that butterfat prices are really high
May 18 2023
As we move fully into spring, it is time to have our butterfat-risk toolkit out and ready for deployment
April 24 2023
This marks the eighth straight year that butterfat levels have set a new record. In 2022, federal order pools with multiple component pricing averaged 4.08% butterfat, reported Peter Fredericks, California’s...
May 19 2022
It’s official — the 4.01% butterfat level posted in 2021 broke the previous 3.98% butterfat record set both in 1944 and 1945
April 18 2022
Multiple component pricing has been the mechanism that has established the value for the supermajority of the nation’s milk since the Federal Milk Marketing Order reforms
May 17 2021
At 3.95%, the butterfat content in last year’s milk supply has pushed historic highs in USDA data tracing back to 1924
July 27 2020
With 84% of all milk in the Upper Midwest Federal Milk Marketing Order heading to the cheese vat, it stands to reason that milk components would hold a higher value in dairy farmer milk checks
July 29 2019
In June of 2014, Time magazine’s cover showed a picture with a title that read “Eat Butter.”
June 10 2019
For back-to-back years, butterfat levels in the collective U.S. bulk tank posted 0.05 percentage growth
April 16 2018
At $2.61 per pound, butterfat prices climbed 13 percent last year to post a record high in the Northeast Federal Milk Market Order