May 31 2021
Dry whey prices are at their highest levels since late 2014 and they are adding about $2.74 to the price of Class III milk
Dec. 10 2020
As the wild ride that has been 2020 comes to a close, dairy economists have their eyes directed toward what’s in store for 2021
Oct. 8 2020
Negative PPDs, or Producer Price Differentials, have been a story this summer and likely will continue well into the fall
July 27 2020
While Class III prices have surged, Class IV prices have stayed relatively consistent
July 6 2020
It’s official, Class III milk headed to the cheese vat will be priced far higher than all other classes. That’s because the cheese markets rallied in short order
June 29 2020
Class III milk, not Class I, could be the price leader in June milk checks. “June’s Class III price (driven by cheese price gains) is expected to jump over $7 per hundredweight (cwt.)
March 4 2019
For those who aren’t familiar with the Federal Milk Marketing Orders, the Class III milk price is the minimum price of milk that cheese plants are supposed to pay dairy farmers
May 21 2018
This welcome subject line appeared in my email box a week ago, a response to last week’s Intel item about how Class III milk futures prices are looking much better for the last eight months of the...
May 14 2018
There has been a lot of improvement lately in the milk price outlook for the rest of 2018, which is cause for a sigh of relief