April 25 2024
The immediate effects of heat stress are noticeable; a drop in milk output or a reduction in feed intake are measurable
April 1 2024
Dairy farming involves a daily mix of old and new knowledge
Feb. 5 2024
Most good cow people will tell you that a comfortable cow will rest in a lying position 14 to 16 hours per day
Nov. 13 2023
In the show The Big Bang Theory, one of the main characters, Dr. Sheldon Cooper, has a very particular fondness for one location on the show’s main set, the characters’ living room
May 19 2022
Though we might not always be set up to succeed, dairy farmers overcome challenges every day to care for our animals and our business
March 17 2022
While farms have made positive strides toward reducing fresh cow health problems, the transition period remains a challenge for our dairy industry
Oct. 4 2021
Whether building new or remodeling an existing facility, the ultimate goal of cow comfort should be driving the decision-making process
May 27 2021
Inflammation is often associated with the symptoms of swelling, pain, redness, and fever. These signs are frequently caused by an infection or tissue damage
Aug. 17 2020
Extending the time a cow spends resting can be a valuable strategy to bump up herd milk production
July 27 2020
Sometimes, it seems as if there isn’t enough time in a day to get everything done that a person wants to
July 9 2020
Controlling flies on the farm is a constant process, but knowing what you’re dealing with and developing a thorough pest mitigation plan can make a significant difference in limiting their impact
June 29 2020
This week is forecasted to be hot in nearly every dairy producing part of the country. Month-long predictions have much of the same with above average temperatures expected for all of July
June 22 2020
The value of water to cow comfort cannot be understated. It’s useful to remember that, in times of potential heat stress, water is not only necessary for drinking but can also help cows release excess...
June 8 2020
Heat stress is back for the summer. The most important tool to deal with rising temperatures is airflow, according to John Tyson of Penn State Extension
May 11 2020
Dairy producer Kevin Solum has farmed his whole life, but he’s learned a tremendous amount more about managing cows in the 18 months since eight automated milking systems were installed
May 8 2020
One of the biggest challenges we face today is how to feed the ever-growing population while producing our food in a manner that is environmentally, socially, and economically viable
May 8 2020
Rest is an essential component of not only cow productivity but also of animal welfare
Sept. 2 2019
When humans are hot or uncomfortable, they tend to want a little more personal space. For some reason, cows have the opposite reaction, which leads to a problem called bunching
Aug. 19 2019
It has been said that you cannot manage what you cannot measure. To many, cow comfort is not something that is easy to evaluate