Aug. 6 2020
Could California’s civil war over quota have a somewhat civil sunset? The potential does exist
July 30 2020
The next chapter in California’s civil war over quota was written after Administrative Law Judge Timothy Aspinwall concluded, “ . . . the Petition is legally defective and should not be advanced...
Nov. 4 2019
“Before STOP QIP files a lawsuit and seeks declaratory and injunction relief, we respectfully request that CDFA (California Department of Food & Agriculture) immediately cease and desist from operating...
July 22 2019
After a bitter public battle that even saw one side place billboard messages on major roadways in California’s Central Valley, it appears cooler heads will prevail
April 12 2019
There is a fight underway in the biggest U.S. dairy state — one that is pitting family members against each other, breaking friendships, and is likely to leave deep scars
Jan. 14 2019
A petition drive that backers hope will lead to a dairy producer referendum that eliminates the milk market pool quota system in California is blamed for “panic selling” of quota in December