The next chapter in California’s civil war over quota was written after Administrative Law Judge Timothy Aspinwall concluded, “ . . . the Petition is legally defective and should not be advanced to a referendum.”

His words were written after review of a petition by the Stop QIP Tax Coalition to suspend and then terminate Chapter 3.5 of the "California Food and Agriculture Code." That chapter happens to cover QIP more formally known as California’s Quota Implementation Program.

The QIP program oversees the pool quota solids in California. Because of the judge’s ruling, the quota will stay in place for now, as most parties work toward a long-term solution. For those who own the quota, a price premium goes with it. Originally, all of California’s 2,700 Grade A producers held equal shares of quota in 1969 and many have since sold it off.

The dairy farmers now holding the quota want to continue to either receive the premium or obtain fair market value for it. Those who have none simply want it gone.

To read the full ruling from Judge Aspinwall, click here.

Far from over
While Judge Aspinwall’s July 24, 2020, ruling may be a win for those dairy farmers holding quota, the matter is far from over.

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July 30, 2020
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