April 14 2022
Dairy farming has made great strides in efficiency and reducing its environmental impact. Between 1944 and 2007, the carbon footprint for a gallon of milk has been reduced by two-thirds
April 11 2022
What does sustainable agriculture look like? There’s more to it than mitigating climate change
March 30 2022
While there is often pushback that ruminants are utilizing land that could otherwise be used for edible food production for humans, cattle deliver value
Oct. 15 2020
Removing U.S. dairy cows may reduce nutrient supply while having little effect on greenhouse gas emissions, according to the Journal of Dairy Science
Sept. 14 2020
“Half of 1% of all global greenhouse gases are a result of animal-sourced foods we produce and consume in the U.S. I know in the public, and in the media, the notion is out there that what we eat...
Sept. 7 2020
California’s game plan to reduce methane will allow their dairy farms to offset greenhouse gas emissions and achieve climate neutrality
June 4 2020
As industrial and travel economies shut down in response to the global pandemic, March and April of this year recorded an unparalleled drop in greenhouse gas emissions: 1 billion fewer tons of carbon dioxide...