Sept. 11 2023
The need for more and higher value crops, as well as developmental pressure, has pushed agricultural land values to record high levels. That’s true for farm real estate, cropland, and pastureland
Aug. 22 2022
Land prices in the “Big I” states of Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana began to moderate between the first and second quarter of 2022 as Illinois held steady, Indiana rose 1%, and Iowa gained 4%
July 28 2022
“Solar needs land. So do farms. Will that drive up food prices?” That’s a question posed by Barron’s Lisa Beilfuss her article in the July 25, 2022, edition of the financial publication
March 3 2022
The way Josh Hiemstra manages the fields surrounding his family’s 170-cow dairy near Brandon, Wis., has changed considerably since he started farming with his parents
Sept. 3 2021
With a general goal to produce more renewable energy, windmills and solar panels have become an increasingly common sight when driving through rural landscapes
Dec. 21 2020
When the pandemic struck earlier this year, I mentioned land as a key indicator of the severity of the impact of the crisis
May 11 2020
For most dairy producers, land is their main source of equity and, with commodity prices in the doldrums, many are putting their hopes in land markets being able to withstand the crisis caused by COVID-19
June 24 2019
Going rates for agricultural cropland dropped in both Wisconsin and Michigan over the past year
May 27 2019
The surprisingly steady land market provides emerging optimism for the dairy market. According to the data from the Federal Reserve Bank land values have held up well in 2018 across most of the central...
Dec. 16 2016
Wiersma is the alfalfa business manager with DuPont Pioneer. Thomas is retired from the William H. Miner Agricultural Research Institute and president of Oak Point Agronomics Ltd. Nit
Aug. 15 2016
Cropland value takes uncharacteristic dip The recently released USDA "Land Values 2016 Summary Report" announced an average $40-per-acre decline in cropland values across the nation. That only represents...
July 6 2015
Reader Response: Land prices slightly lower (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src = "//";...
June 29 2015
U.S. milk producers who feel priced out of the market for top
March 10 2015
Last year, the United States saw another drop in farm acres and number of farms, but productivity filled the gap. Our nation's farmers are faced with the continuous challenge of doing more with less. The...
June 23 2014
On average, it cost $3,810 to purchase an acre of U.S. cropland last year. That value was up 13.7 percent over the prior year's $3,350, as reported in USDA's Agricultural Land Values released on June 19....
Sept. 9 2013
Conservation work throughout the Mississippi River Basin is paying off. Recent efforts involving erosion control and nutrient management reduced edge of field losses of sediment by 35 percent, nitrogen...
Aug. 6 2013
Average farm real estate, cropland and pastureland values were higher in 2013 for many parts of the country. Farm real estate, cropland and pastureland values in the United States have all gone up this...
Jan. 10 2013
Whether you are buying or renting, escalating land prices should cause everyone to run careful calculations before signing on the dotted line. It is somewhat unlikely that incomes would rise if interest...
Dec. 15 2011
There is generally good feedback on articles that I submit to Hoard's Dairyman. I must admit the comments have been exceptionally heavy regarding my September 25, 2011, article, "Stress test potential...
Sept. 25 2011
There is an old saying in rural America: Farmers don't want to own all the land in the county, just the land that touches their property. With hot demand for farm commodities and the need for additional...