Oct. 5 2018
Since 1978, Mapleton Valley Farms have exhibited their Milking Shorthorn cattle at the World Dairy Expo. Pat and Phyllis Agnew with their two children
Oct. 4 2018
Whether it’s clipping, leading, doing nightline, or something else, everybody has a way of helping out to make sure the cattle make it to the ring ready for the show
Sept. 3 2018
Some call Sheila McGuirk, D.V.M., the Mother Teresa of World Dairy Expo. It’s likely because the veterinarian has a distinct love for dairy cattle and their owners
Feb. 14 2018
Even at a very early age, Bert Stewart was a consummate student — he studied those who did well at their trade
Sept. 25 2017
This creative couple not only developed the World Classic Sale into a signature event on Friday night of World Dairy Expo, Tom and Sandy Morris grew it into one of the world’s highest averaging Holstein...
Sept. 20 2017
This creative couple not only developed the World Classic Sale into a signature event on Friday night of World Dairy Expo, Tom and Sandy Morris grew it into one of the world’s highest averagin
Sept. 20 2017
Trophies carrying the names of Expo pioneers like Hetts (left and top right), King (center right), and Blaska (bottom right) memorialize some of the most influential minds of Expo. Articles on Wo
Sept. 4 2017
Since 1989, Tom and Sandy Morris have orchestrated World Dairy Expo’s signature sale, the World Classic
Aug. 28 2017
Tom and Sandy Morris have experienced the event from nearly every angle as early dairy cattle exhibitors, sale managers, trade show exhibitors, and now leaders of the show
Oct. 8 2016
. We asked World Dairy Expo exhibitors what their favorite memory from World Dairy Expo has been
Sept. 12 2016
While the show has evolved over the past five decades, many of the names and faces have remained the same. Here’s a look into the memories of some longtime and well-known attendees
Sept. 12 2016
As an event inspired by an idea from a group of well-known dairy pioneers to showcase the best dairy cattle, World Dairy Expo has grown with grace over the past 50 years. From growing in cattle numbers...
Sept. 12 2016
One of the first to make the long haul from California to Expo, Stuart Rowe and his Innisfail herd have certainly reaped the rewards of the lengthy trip in the form of impressive placings and numerous...
Sept. 12 2016
From rag tents to the modern-day Exhibition Hall, Gilbert nurtured the trade show. Among Gilbert’s innovations that continue to this very day are the Exhibitor Policy and Guidelines, the Commercial...
Sept. 30 2015
World Dairy Expo will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2016, and to celebrate this milestone, journalists have collaborated to create a historical book reminiscing on 50 years of Expo memories
Oct. 4 2014
Attendees at World Dairy Expo were asked dairy-related questions to determine if they were "smarter than a Hoard's Dairyman editor." Associate editor, Amanda Smith, took part in the fun activity on Friday...
Sept. 10 2013
Through the blending of genetic principles learned in his extensive studies and judging concepts he perfected as a student and later as a coach, Robert Walton forever changed dairy cattle breeding. As...
Aug. 23 2013
Corey Geiger recently spent time interviewing Robert Walton for our 2013 World Dairy Expo Supplement on his long and distinguished career with ABS and the greater dairy community. The video below includes...
Sept. 6 2012
Setting a standard of excellence Not even a blizzard could keep the trailers away from the aptly named Four Winds Farm in Hartland, Wis., on March 26, 2011. The hundreds of plaques and banners decorating...
Sept. 2 2011
The main article on Bert Stewart appears in the 2011 World Dairy Expo supplement on page 7. Here we share some additional interview questions that did not appear in the supplement. In the first decade...