May 28 2024
If you love dairy products but struggle with digestive issues, there are still ways to enjoy many dairy foods
March 28 2024
With the Easter holiday fast approaching, dairy farmers are hoping for plenty of cheese and butter sales for spring holiday cooking needs
Dec. 11 2023
For dairy milk consumers, low fat and fat-free varieties have long been a popular choice, but advancing research gives good reason for consumers to include full-fat dairy products in their healthy eating...
Nov. 1 2023
Waste is, unfortunately, a mostly unavoidable part of life. When things are used up or leftover, we discard them and move on to the next fresh resource
July 12 2022
Overseeing dairy manufacturing keeps my days variable and full
Aug. 12 2021
For most people, consuming around 2,000 calories each day is recommended to make sure we’re getting enough nutrients to supply our body’s needs for energy, growth, and maintenance
July 12 2021
The Midwest Dairy Food Research Center (MDFRC) is one of six centers across the country that focuses on dairy research. Powered by researchers and the universities that back them
June 15 2021
The U.S. doesn’t export a lot of cheese, relative to other products,” said John Lucey, the director for the Center for Dairy Research (CDR). “For instance, more than 50% of milk powders...
May 15 2021
Due to the competitive nature of the food industry, efforts to innovate and develop quality products requires people trained in understanding both food science and dairy
Sept. 21 2020
Dairy farmers are always looking for ways to strengthen and maintain the health and immunity of their dairy cows
Dec. 2 2019
In the seemingly ever-expanding plant-based product market, a new line of oat drinks and blends are coming to grocery stores next year
Nov. 15 2019
Dairy products, including milk, supply the bulk of the calcium people get in their diets, and when you replace it with plant milk, you may be missing out.” That quote came direct
July 15 2019
When it comes to cheese, Wisconsin creates more flavors and varieties than anywhere else on Earth — over 600 to be exact
Sept. 3 2018
Perhaps you’ve heard the saying “milk does a body good.” That’s true, but dairy products deserve respect for more than just the calcium, vitamin D, and protein they contain
Aug. 21 2017
Consumers have been consuming more butter by as much as 5 to 12 percent in some North American and European countries.
Aug. 10 2010
The dairy industry has a lot of catching up to do in the snack world. Dairy products accounted for less than 3 percent of the $93.5 billion dollars spent on snack foods in 2009. Snacking: Identifying a...
May 5 2010
Domino's is a friend of ours. Last year, the well-known delivery pizza chain launched and heavily promoted (with some help from the check-off) their American Legends pizza line which came with 30 percent...