July 11 2024
The higher proportion of corn silage in many dairy cow rations has become old news in some sense
June 21 2023
Indulge me for just a moment. I have a complaint to file with Mother Nature. For crying out loud, let it rain
Oct. 7 2022
While cows are front and center at World Dairy Expo, the high-quality feed needed for dairy cattle to remain productive and healthy is also recognized during the show
Jan. 31 2022
Have you heard about the use of alternative forages for dairy cattle? Recently, I had been invited to share some of the findings of our research program on forage quality and management
May 20 2021
Gambling is not something that successful business managers engage in routinely
March 29 2021
As of 2017, nearly 300,000 acres of cover crops were planted across New York state. That’s 7% of the state’s total cropland, and that land number continues to grow
Dec. 17 2020
Dairy producers, nutritionists, producers, and marketers of hay and other forage material often use indexes used to rank forage quality
Nov. 12 2020
As the harvest season comes to an end, farms may find themselves with excess forage, the right amount of forage, or not enough forage to feed their herd in the year ahead
Oct. 15 2020
Fiber digestibility data has been provided by feed labs to the industry for over 20 years. Engaging the technology has been an evolving process
Oct. 5 2020
When preparing for planting after corn silage harvest, farmers need to consider forage inventory, cereal grain management, economics, and trying new forages
Oct. 1 2020
As farmers head from September to October, there are still decisions they can make on perennial forages
Aug. 20 2020
One of the first nutrients that our eyes are drawn to on a forage report is the crude protein value
June 8 2020
Timely harvest of the forage summits the list compiled by the University of Florida’s Adegbola Adesogan. It’s fully detailed below
April 20 2020
In many parts of the U.S., small grain forages will soon be harvested or may already be fermenting in storage structures for feeding
April 13 2020
Compromised quality feeds require thoughtful feeding