Jan. 21 2019
Richard is one of my nephews and is an engineer working for a company in Ireland. I was interested to hear about his job and what challenges he faces being the youngest engineer on site
Oct. 25 2018
Over the last few years, we have seen a number of farms that we work with start milking some or all of their herd four times a day (4x)
Oct. 8 2018
A dairy farmer can take great care to make sure the milk produced on his or her farm is of the highest quality as it travels from the cow to the bulk tank
April 16 2018
An area of milk quality that is at times overlooked is emptied milk tankers that haven’t been cleaned
April 4 2018
California, Oregon, and Idaho have set their state maximum somatic cell count standards at 500,000 or less, well below than the national level of 750,000
March 12 2018
A new study found that cows fed all grass produced milk with a more desirable balance of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids
Feb. 26 2018
This is the 25th year that the National Mastitis Council’s National Dairy Quality Awards program has been recognizing the very best milk quality producing herds in the United States
Feb. 25 2018
We had a problem with our cows’ tails falling into our manure pan in the parlor, especially in the summer months when it’s warm and flies are present. Looking for a solution, I cut the botto
Jan. 25 2018
Every once in awhile we will get a cow that comes into the milking parlor with an uneven udder. No matter how hard you try to position the milking machine properly, it will squawk. My boss simp
Jan. 8 2018
While all farms strive to produce quality milk, it appears that mid-sized to larger farms do a better job achieving that goal.
Dec. 15 2017
The webinar “Troubleshooting mastitis and milk quality problems” will be held on Monday, December 11
Dec. 11 2017
I am a huge fan of chocolate milk. White milk is good too, of course, but if I have a choice, I am going to pick chocolate nearly every time
Nov. 15 2017
Linear score and percent of the herd not infected are two additional measures for evaluating udder health and milk quality. Of course, somatic cell counts are key, too.One of the key factors affecting
Aug. 21 2017
Getting too low of SCC in the tank is only a look at the entire herd, in response to the item “Can SCCs go too low?” Of great importance is driving down the new mastitis infection rate per...
Aug. 10 2017
Selective dry cow therapy targets only cows that have or had infections to receive antibiotics at dry-off. At the same time, cows that do not receive antibiotics get an internal teat seal
Aug. 10 2017
I remember arriving at Jack’s farm shortly before 4 p.m. He had called earlier in the day requesting that one of his “really good” cows be examined, as it was struggling to take off...
Aug. 7 2017
As “Department of Obvious” dairy questions go, this one ranks pretty high. It’s also one that seems to intrigue dairy scientists tremendously more than it does dairy farmers
June 15 2017
Last year, dairy farmers delivered the safest milk supply to consumers in modern U.S. history with a mere 0.011 percent of bulk milk pickup tankers testing positive for antibiotic residues. While perf
March 24 2017
Somatic cell count (SCC) has been and remains the golden standard of milk quality. That being said, milk quality can be in question even when SCC is in check