Nov. 3 2016
It's November in Georgia and we're starting to prepare for winter . . . even though it's still 80°F outside. Winter in Georgia is a lot different than other parts of the country
Nov. 2 2016
For the past year or two, the egg industry has borne the brunt of the major fury from animal rights activist organizations
Nov. 1 2016
I’m sure we are all familiar with the age-old saying, “Were you born in a barn?” The original meaning of the phrase traces to an exclamation of one literally leaving the door open
Oct. 31 2016
It has long been understood that heat stress is one of the biggest management challenges across the southern United States
Oct. 28 2016
Telling the story of dairy is the goal of June dairy month, and this year, the Hoard’s Dairyman Farm got to do just that when the Wisconsin Public Television show Around the Farm Table visited
Oct. 27 2016
As an out-of-state college student, I rarely have the opportunity to travel home. Growing up with a tight-knit family, I spent most of my days working alongside my parents and younger sisters
Oct. 26 2016
Some would say that I have been rocking the boat since childhood. And they’d be correct. At the early age of exactly 3 years 9 months, I was challenging the establishment
Oct. 25 2016
Flip through any dairy publication and you’re sure to find a number of ads promoting products that claim to improve dairy cows’ health and well-being
Oct. 24 2016
With a healthy margin of victory, four members of the Spencer County FFA chapter took home the top prize at the 2016 National FFA Convention in Indianapolis, Ind. For this national FFA contest
Oct. 21 2016
Every year, the October 25, 2016, issue of Hoard’s Dairyman features highlights from the recently concluded World Dairy Expo
Oct. 20 2016
For the past week, I have been preparing to take a vacation. That means doing all of my regular tasks on the farm, plus making lists for my daughter and my herdsman of things I would like accomplished
Oct. 19 2016
When dairies find themselves with limited space, one option is to locate a new home for calves or heifers. For some farms, this means a rented facility down the road
Oct. 18 2016
Let’s be honest, Mother Nature can be one of a dairy farmer’s worst enemies. The unpredictable power and ability to literally make or break us, gives us a great amount of respect
Oct. 17 2016
High somatic cell counts have traditionally been associated with other problems in the herd, from digestive upset to reproductive inefficiencies and mobility problems. Particularly when discussing the
Oct. 14 2016
The presentation began with an overview of the forage situation. In 2016, there was a summer drought in the west and northeast sections of the U.S. (and Canada)
Oct. 12 2016
Most people live life going to a job five days a week, seeing their immediate family a few hours each night before going to sleep, and seeing their grandparents, aunts, uncles, or cousins maybe once o
Oct. 11 2016
With lights dimmed, spotlights shone on seven exceptional cows as they entered the Coliseum for the presentation of 2016 World Dairy Expo Supreme Champion. Each beautiful cow represented the bes
Sept. 30 2016
Last week I had the opportunity to attend the All-American Dairy Show in Harrisburg, Pa. The show has a huge youth component with judging contests, junior management competition, seven youth breed shows,...
Sept. 29 2016
The leaves are changing, the temperatures are falling, and the excitement of the 50th World Dairy Expo is in the air. In less than a week, students from across the country will gather to compete
Sept. 28 2016
Next week, many people working in the dairy cattle industry will be focused on an event called World Dairy Expo