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In the Hoard's Dairyman Intel item "We should follow trailblazing SCC states," I would like to know why the dairy processors are so worried about the SCC over and over again. The USDA cannot prove that a lower SCC will make the milk any better. Then, on top of that, there are vets and university specialists out there saying we can get the SCC too low and start losing cows.

I don't know who is right. But I think we need more research by an independent university to see who is right before they keep lowering the SCC.

I have to say my herd is running around 250,000 SCC. The only reason we are doing this well is due to the fact we tried new things and incorporated part of what the specialists told us to do. Most of the information that came out of the university and veterinarians seldom helped.
- Tennessee Dairy Farmer

Producer milk price in California and Idaho suggests that the lower SCC limit benefit is not showing up in the producer's paychecks.
- Wisconsin Dairy Farmer

The world is not ending a 750,000 SCC either. The people adamant about lowering SCC use emotional tactics (much like animal rights groups), not so much science.
- Mike Sumners, Tennessee dairy farmer

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